Conor McGregor Announces Retirement From MMA

Conor McGregor is possibly one of the most famous MMA fighters in the modern era. He has had many high-profile fights with legends in combat sports including Floyd Mayweather. There is no questioning the skill and sheer power of Conor McGregor both in and outside of the octagon. Over recent years, Conor McGregor has been able to propel himself into an entirely new social class with his wild antics and prime fighting abilities. Conor McGregor is no stranger to controversy and his latest statements have fighting fans from around the world concerned about his future in MMA.

Is Conor McGregor really retiring?

In March 2019, Conor McGregor took to his verified Twitter account to post a series of tweets indicating his retirement from the sport of MMA. His reveal tweet was fairly short and simple with very little emotion behind it, it simply read that he was accounting his retirement from MMA to focus on his new “Proper” line of spirits and alcoholic beverages. This statement shocked many of his fans and media outlets across the world given the fact that he has not fought in the UFC for a considerable amount of time.

While some speculate that this is simply another marketing scheme, others point to his recent legal battles as one primary reason to believe his statement. Many fans across the world are divided on the validity of his tweet due to the fact that he tweeted something similar back in 2016.

Conor McGregor’s Legal Troubles

Conor McGregor has long been known as sort of the bad boy of MMA due to his bold personality and disregard for being politically correct. This bad boy persona, however, is more than just an act because Conor McGregor has an extensive history of getting into fights and having an uncontrollable temper. Recently in 2019, Conor was arrested due to slapping a cell phone out of the hands of a fan who was trying to talk to him.

Conor has also caused the UFC money with one of his most famous outbursts having to do with him busting the window out of a bus that was holding fellow UFC fighters. These instances have brought tremendous stress on Conor and he has publicly talked about his long battle with anger.

What is the Future for Conor McGregor?

Whether or not his retirement tweet is true or false still remains to be decided, however if he was just joking, he may want to consider taking his own advice and rest a little while before returning. Conor McGregor has a huge list of accomplishments and achievements that many people can only dream of.

If he really does decide to retire, he will undoubtedly go down as one of the most influential MMA fighters of all time. CEO of the UFC Dana White has yet to comment on the tweet however he doesn’t seem to be phased. We’ll just have to wait and see if Conor McGregor was trolling or if in fact, he is deciding to step down from the professional sport of fighting.



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