Michael B. Jordan to Star in ‘Methuselah’

Michael B. Jordan is most notably known for his role in the 2018 blockbuster movie Black Panther. Before his role in Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan was a fairly unknown actor in the public besides small cult followings that he obtained through some of his lesser known movies. There is no doubt that since 2018 Michael B. Jordan has become one of the most recognizable and popular figures in entertainment. Without slowing down for a moment, recent news just released that the now megastar will play a lead role in the upcoming film “Methuselah” which is based on the biblical story of a man who lives to be 969 years old.

Star Roles

Michael B. Jordan has an undeniable quality about him that makes him the prime candidate for practically any new movie release. His charm and charismatic on-screen performances have captivated audiences and they want more of him. Michael B. Jordan seems to take the starring role in every movie that he plays, the recent release of Creed 2 also features Michael B. Jordan in a starring role alongside film industry veteran Sylvester Stallone.

After the incredible success of Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan is primed to continue his reign of film dominance. After seeing his breakthrough performances in all of the movies that have been released since 2018, it’s hard to picture Michael B. Jordan in anything besides a starring role.

The person and the actor

Michael B. Jordan does a great job at separating his on-screen performances from the person he actually is. This gives him a wild card factor because you never know what he is capable of doing in a film when compared to his rather mild-mannered real-life personality. Not many Hollywood stars can successfully separate themselves from the characters they play in movies and often times it doesn’t end well for them.

Michael B. Jordan possesses unique and dynamic qualities both on and off the screen which makes him the perfect fit for his new role in Methuselah. Michael B. Jordan is truly a robust talent, not only will he be starring in the new “Methuselah” but he will also be producing the film as well.

 Star power

Making such a huge impact on the film industry given his relatively short resume is what gives Michael B. Jordan the star that he is. Michael B. Jordan has his own production company named Outlier Society Productions which is the company that he’ll be producing the new Methuselah film through. With such an incredible film track record, we can only imagine what Michael B. Jordan will surprise us within his yet to be released film.

Anticipation is already being built around the film due to its biblical connotations. It’s rumored that Warner Bros. Media has had the Methuselah project in mind for quite some time now however they found the perfect match in Michael B. Jordan. With so much already understood and so much yet to be discovered about Michael B. Jordan’s true talents, his upcoming film Methuselah is sure to captivate audiences everywhere.


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