Will you Buy Cardi B’s New Autobiography?

Cardi B has experienced an incredible rise to fame in recent years because of her undeniably raw authenticity, provocative song lyrics and bubbly personality. Cardi is known for her honest commentary on a wide array of topics affecting the world and her keen sense of humor. One thing that stands out about Cardi B is that she also does not hide her past of exotic dancing and other dubious activities. She details through several of her songs and interviews how hard of a life she had while growing up in New York and how those very struggles helped her become the woman she is today.

Cardi B is making headlines again by taking to Instagram to make a shocking announcement that she plans on writing an autobiography about her life.

The Reason Behind Cardi B Writing A Book

Cardi B has been taking to social media recently to talk about her constant struggles with various blogs and news outlets. She often talks about how hard it is for her to sit back and watch people spread rumors about her only to make a profit or bring attention to themselves. Cardi B makes it very clear that her upbringing in the Bronx taught her to deal with her problems face to face.

She has also expressed how the internet makes it easy for people to get away with slander without facing any consequences. With such a rich and vibrant backstory that encompasses family, loyalty, respect, and work ethic Cardi B is a very relatable individual who has a lot to offer the youth who look up to her.

Cardi B’s Book Is on Its Way

With so many eyes on her at the moment, it’s no surprise that Cardi B would want to take advantage of her current reach. While there are some people who have already scoffed at the idea of her writing a book due to how relatively new she is in the industry, there may be some very valuable promise in her book writing aspirations.

By writing a book, Cardi B will be able to show her fans and the world at large a very different side of the pop star. Many young girls look up to her and by writing a book she can give them advice on how to make the right decisions in life without repeating the same mistakes that she did.

Life in The Media

Aside from her past struggles, Cardi B has also been going through issues with Offset, her husband and child’s father and star of the rap group “Migos”. Rumors of infidelity spread and caused a spur between the two who recently had a baby together. If and when her autobiography does come out, it would be nice to see Cardi B incorporate all of her latest struggles into the book so that fans can see the person behind the music.

Cardi is currently under fire for some pretty damaging confessions she made during a 3-year old live social media post. In the post, Cardi admitted to drugging and robbing men “as a way to survive” back in her days as an exotic dancer. Fans and foes alike were outraged, expressing their frustrations on online using the hashtag #SurvivingCardiB and calling her Cardi Cosby. Cardi has since released a statement owning up to these actions and explaining her side. Double Standard?


Q- Do you want to see Cardi B write a book and if so, would you purchase a copy?

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