Bears Trade RB Jordan Howard to the Eagles

The Chicago Bears have had a rather commendable season this past year with a moderate win to loss ratio. Die-hard football fans understand that one of the most important positions in the game is that of the running back or RB. The Running back on any team is responsible for completing touchdowns when the ball is thrown their direction and the position requires an incredible amount of coordination and speed. One of the most widely recognized RB in today’s game is Jordan Howard who has established some very impressive seasons stats during his time with the Bears.

NFL Draft
During the NFL draft that recently took place on March 28th, the Chicago Bears decided to part ways with their longtime RB Jordan Howard. Jordan Howard has brought tremendous value to the team over the span of his career being recognized as one of the top running backs in this era. The Bears decided to trade Howard in order to obtain a 2020 sixth-round draft pick although the trade now has Howard marked as a 2020 fifth-round trade prospect.

Jordan Howard was drafted to the Bears in 2016 during the fifth-round of the draft after graduating from Indiana state university. With only 3 years of full playing time with the bears, many people look at the trade as a rather sporadic decision that wasn’t thought all the way through.

Performance History
Jordan Howard is no slouch on the field, since his draft to the Bears in 2016, Howard has played a total of 47 games with 44 starts. He is ranked as the 3rd running back with the most career yards in NFL history and ranks 7th place for the most all-time rush yards by a running back on the Bears. Howard has a total of 3,370 rushing yards and 24 touchdowns and holds a record for one TD that he completed after running 568yrds to the goal.

Jordan Howard broke the Bears rookie rushing record back in 2016 by becoming the first rookie to be voted to the Pro Bowl since 1965 hall of Famer Gale Sayer. With so much already proven and yet so much potential yet to be tapped into, many people are wondering why the Bears have decided to trade one of their seemingly best players.

Are the Eagles the right fit?

Every NFL team is known for their signature play strategy. The Bears typically try to cover large areas of the field with wide passes and long throws. Being such an efficient running back like Howard on a team that primarily focuses on passes can be stifling to the growth of a great player. The Philadelphia Eagles have more of a reputation for running the ball into the end zone instead of passing which just may be what Howard needs to reach his full potential.

Being alongside fellow fairly new draft picks with abilities that can enhance Howard’s running ability can only spell victory for the Eagles.

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