Tessa Thompson Excited About Possibility of All Female Marvel Movie

Tessa Thompson is a 35yr old actress who has had an incredible past couple of years starring in popular films and TV series including Westworld and, Sorry to Bother You and Creed II. Tessa Thompson’s career has seen a meteoric rise recently due to her breakout performance in the marvel produced Thor: Ragnarok. Thor: Ragnarok was the first Marvel film that Tessa Thompson had ever starred in and her incredible performance has fans of the Marvel universe wanting more. There is no doubt that when the next Marvel film comes out, Tessa Thompson will definitely be on the list of potential casting hopefuls.

Tessa’s Place in the Marvel Universe

Tessa Thompson played the character known as Valkyrie in the 2017 hit movie Thor: Ragnarok. Valkyrie is a fictional character in the Marvel universe that is known as sort of a female war general wielding sharp swords and other powerful battle weapons. Tessa Thompson channeled the traits of the character Valkyrie so well that many audiences were in complete disbelief at her acting capability.

This catapulted Tessa Thompson into an entirely new genre and class of actress status which has led to more starring roles opening up for her. Tessa Thompson also has a rather cordial relationship with the president of Marvel Kevin Feige which has led to speculation that she may be trying to persuade him to produce a Marvel movie with an all-female cast.


All-female Marvel Movie

During her interview with content outlet CinemaBlend, Thompson was asked this question to which she replied: “I wasn’t trying to persuade him necessarily, I was just thinking to myself, there are already so many wonderful female marvel characters why not make an entire movie based on them.” Die-hard Marvel fans couldn’t agree more and have actually created quite a buzz surrounding the idea of an all-female Marvel film.

Tessa Thompson also added later in the interview that she loves to see empowered women take on roles in Hollywood that everyone thinks would never work for them. CinemaBlend also asked Tessa about her opinions on fellow female Marvel actress Brie Larson who starred in 2019’s Captain Marvel as the lead actress. Tessa stated that since seeing the incredible performance put on by Larson in Captain Marvel, she is excited to see what the future holds for female superheroes in the Marvel universe.


Future Plans

Tessa Thompson plans on continuing her steadfast career In Hollywood with many projects lined up on the table. With the possibility of an all-female superhero, Marvel film and Thompson’s proven acting credentials, who knows what the future holds for Tessa. During the interview, CinemaBlend also asked Thompson about her thoughts on the 2018 blockbuster movie Black Panther to which she insisted how proud she was of all black female cast in that movie and how the film, in general, seems to be slowly but surely accepting diversity on a mainstream scale.

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