Trump Gives a Deadline to Close the US/Mexico Border

The crisis at the border has been in the news over the past several months due to various reasons. President Trump began detaining immigrant children who were caught fleeing their native country alongside their parents early in 2018. As the year has progressed, the situation at the border doesn’t seem to be getting any better according to Donald Trump’s logic. Fights over border security and immigration laws have been the primary focus for many lawmakers and politicians across all spectrums. With Donald Trump’s latest comments, the situation can only be expected to get worse as no real solution to migration is being offered by any political party.

 Border Security

America has long been the staple for how countries across the world handle their immigration issues. Being a country founded on principles of freedom and justice for all can put you in tricky moral positions when it comes to the right of people migrating to your country illegally. Since Donald Trump became president in 2016, he has relentlessly pushed for heightened security and patrolling of the U.S./Mexico border.

Donald Trump is one of the few presidents in recent history to focus much of his political influence on the border situation which has sparked much-needed conversations. How do you maintain a country that is viable for your current citizens while letting illegal immigrants freely cross your borders with no consequences?

Funding for the border wall

At the end of 2018 we saw an all-out political brawl between both the Democratic and Republican party over the issue of enhancing security at the U.S. border. Donald Trump wanted 5.7 billion dollars for border wall funding and enough Democrats in the Congress denied his request which led to a government shutdown.

After an agonizing 35-day shutdown, a temporary deal was reached allowing the government to reopen. Politicians on the Hill and the American public let out a temporary sigh of relief as just three weeks later, Trump went on to declare a national emergency – a controversial last ditch effort to secure funding for the border wall. The Democratic-led house, in turn, passed a bill to block the declaration, but Trump immediately followed with his first presidential veto, upholding the emergency declaration.  

In Mid-March, the Pentagon authorized the transfer of up to $1 billion dollars to the Army Corps of Engineers to build additional barrier-like structures on parts of the U.S.-Mexico border.  Pentagon officials confirmed the funds were taken from the Army after some recruiters did not hit targets that would have used the funds. 

Trump threatens border closure  

This past Friday, Donald Trump made a shocking announcement that if Mexico doesn’t get its immigration problem under control in a certain amount of time, he will call an immediate order to shut down the entire border. Trump went on to say that the U.S. simply can’t hold any more immigrants and something has to be done now to avoid the total collapse of American society.

As early as next week, Trump plans to begin closing very large and popular sections of the border which would render trade impossible in these areas. Trump’s border closure announcement is yet another move by the president to strike fear in the hearts of his political opponents by using mob-style tactics that hold innocent citizens as hostages.

While closing the border may help to stop some of the influx of drugs and violence into the country, it will also impede on regular citizens ability to travel which brings in questions of morality.

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