Will Lil Wayne Get His Lyric Book Back?



Lil Wayne has been known for having financial and legal troubles ever since his departure from his record label Cash Money Records. The Louisiana-bred rapper is now having even more problems, however, his current issues stem from the potential sale of one of his lyric notebooks. Moments In Time is an art collective organization who stumbled across a vintage 1999 Lil Wayne notebook that they found lying in a car that belonged to Wayne’s previous record label Cash Money Records. The 1999 notebook filled with various rap lyrics and poems written by Lil Wayne himself is up for auction for a reported $250,000. Wayne recently got wind of the auction in progress and is not happy with the situation at all.

Who owns the lyric book?

The company trying to sell Lil Wayne’s 1999 lyric notebook is claiming ownership of the piece stating that they found it while not in the possession of the artist. Lil Wayne’s legal team says otherwise and has sent Moments In Time a cease and desist letter stating that the company does not have the right to transfer or sell the notebook because Lil Wayne holds sole ownership. The lawsuit filed by Lil Wayne’s team states that the artist never lost the notebook and just misplaced it while traveling and working.

Lil Wayne is very excited that someone found his old notebook and is willing to fight in court to get it back. The lawsuit against Moments in Time also claims that the individual who originally found the notebook kept the valuable discovery hidden for years only to cash out on the item for as much as possible. This paints the company in an ill light and may potentially help Wayne win the case.

Money problems

Fights over property and assets belonging to Lil Wayne is nothing new. For years Lil Wayne has been battling his ex-manager and label exec Birdman over claims that the record label was not paying him adequately. The legal issues between Cash Money Records and Lil Wayne are still ongoing to this day with Birdman claiming that he did, in fact, pay Lil Wayne al of the money he is rightfully owed.

Lil Wayne has a completely different point of view and claims that Birdman stole advance money and spent it all while using Wayne’s income to finance his own lifestyle. While this issue is still ongoing, the fight over his notebook is yet another battle that Lil Wayne will have to face.

Owing taxes

Recently, Lil Wayne has also paid off his long-standing back due tax debt with the IRS in the amount reported to be $14 million dollars. Earlier this year, news broke that fellow hip-hop superstar Jay-Z helped Lil Wayne pay his back due taxes so that he could get a clear start in life and business.

It seems that throughout his career Lil Wayne has always been fighting with someone over unpaid money or the right to claim ownership over his intellectual property. Let’s hope this current situation goes in his favor so the rap icon can begin getting back to doing what he loves.

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