Denzel Washington in Talks to Star in ‘Macbeth’ Adaptation

There is news circulating that a new film adaptation of the famous on-stage play theatrical “Macbeth” is coming to the screens and Denzel Washington is in talks with the director. Joel Coen is the director behind the upcoming film adaption of “Macbeth” and he’s eyeing Denzel Washington as a potential candidate to play a huge role in the yet to be released film. Frances McDormand is also a potential prospect for the film adaptation of “Macbeth” which would put 2 academy award winners in the front seat of the project. Scott Rudin is producing the film adaptation and the heads plan to distribute the project globally.

Legendary Film History

Denzel Washington is one of the most recognizable Hollywood actors on the planet, with a filmography spanning decades under his belt. Washington is a seasoned actor who possesses the intelligence and ability to hone various character elements into a believable on-screen portrayal. Given the historic value Macbeth has when combined with Denzel Washington’s solidified acting record, the actor could be the perfect match for the film adaptation.

Denzel Washington has also played rather serious characters in his films which proves his ability to create realistic on-screen performances that are dynamic and heart-felt. The up and down emotional roller coast that is the story of Macbeth wouldn’t be a role fit for a young actor with no proven history as it encompasses far too complex acting dynamics.

What makes him a good fit?

Denzel Washington is possibly most-known for his role in the hit film known as training day. The seriousness of that role portrayed by Denzel is one of the most memorable movements of his career. Washington’s most recent movie was the 2018 hit “The Equalizer” which further solidified the actor’s place in Hollywood. Coming off such a big movie, ‘Macbeth’ will surely be a smash hit for fans of the play and Denzel worldwide.

Denzel Washington not only has the accolades; he has the entire package to back up his skills. When Denzel Washington plays in a film, you can almost guarantee that you’re going to see displays of fine acting at its best. If he does decide to take on the challenge of playing in a film adaption of Macbeth, it’ll be one of the first projects he works on since taking a short vacation from the industry.

What to expect

The story of Macbeth itself centers around a Scottish lord who was convinced by three witches that his life purpose was to one day become the king of Scotland. If Denzel Washington plays in the film adaptation of the play, he will be taking on the lead role of the Scottish lord that the entire story revolves around. This would surely set the tone for very interesting acting dynamics and twists that none of us can expect.

Everyone involved with the project are acclaimed actors and directors who have extensive knowledge on how to approach these sorts of films correctly. As more news develops and announcements of the film’s release start to buzz, who knows what to expect from the upcoming film adaptation of Macbeth.


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