Discovery to Premiere Streaming Service Next Year

If you’re remotely interested in wild animals or nature’s mysteries, chances are you’ve watched all of nature’s action the Discovery channel more than you’d like to admit. Well, BBC and the Discovery channel have just announced that they plan to offer their series of educational wildlife programs to viewers via a new streaming platform. So far, neither of the media giants have disclosed a definitive name for the streaming service nor any pricing information. Right now, the untitled streaming platform is set to be unavailable for residents of China and the UK. The BBC has vested a large amount of priority in natural history services which makes the developing streaming service so important.

How This Move Helps The Network

The new wildlife streaming service comes as both broadcasting giants are moving towards separate paid channels and free-to-air programming. The BBC released the BBC iPlayer in 2007 which is an internet streaming service for BBC content, in 2018 the service experienced a total of 2.6 billion streams. BBC iPlayer’s most streamed content was a network exclusive series called autumn.

The move to create a streaming service dedicated to wildlife and discovery channel programming comes as companies like Netflix are beginning to impact TV viewership. More and more people are consuming content online in 2019 and companies who still solely rely on TV broadcasting often times find themselves losing profits year after year. The only way for a large broadcasting company to survive in the future is by way of offering digitally accessible content consumers can watch on-demand.

Perks for viewers

While more information is slated to be released in coming weeks according to sources close to the BBC, there have been no official statements released by Discovery or the BBC. Even with no official details about the upcoming streaming service, this gesture alone signals that both companies recognize how important it is to provide valuable entertainment at affordable rates to their audience.

With advancements in technology, mobile entertainment is becoming the norm for many people. By giving their viewers an on-demand streaming service to watch all of their favorite Discovery and BBC programming, the companies can offer exclusive content and deals only for their platform. This translates into huge savings and other interactive perks for viewers who are fans of the Discovery channel.

Quality Content

The discovery channel has always been known for providing educational programming that people of all ages can learn from. Discovery is one of the large US-based media groups and with their latest push into streaming, the company is only set to grow even more. Just last year, Discovery signed a 12yr deal with the PGA Tour to create a digital content service dedicated solely to golf.

This sort of innovative and targeted content approach is what sets Discovery programming apart from the rest. With it’s newly announced streaming service presumably months away, we can only imagine what kind of high-quality original content will be on the platform. Digital content streaming is the future and Discovery’s new streaming service backed by the BBC is sure to be a hit.  

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