FTC Closes Major Robocalling Operations



If you’re one of those people who hates getting constant calls from robotic sounding telemarketers, the FTC just granted your life long dreams. The US Federal Trade Commission announced on March 3rd, 2019 that it has successfully shut down over four separate robocall operations. For those who may not be familiar with the term “robocall”, it essentially means an automated message. There are thousands of robocall operations throughout the U.S. which place illegal calls to people who may owe debts or are interested in loans.

No More Scammers
With the FTC making its recent announcement, this puts millions of people at ease knowing that they won’t receive those repetitive voice calls with annoying messages. One of the organizations that were taken down as part of the FTC investigation was Higher Goals Marketing. The company practiced a type of fraud which involved promising consumers lower credit card interests rates as part of their program.

There are three other companies who were forced to reach a settlement with the FTC regarding their illicit and illegal activities. Those companies consist of Pointbreak Media, NetDotSolutions, and Veterans of America however there are thousands more out there who have yet to be targeted by the FTC.

Legality of Robocalls
Robocalls always have been and likely always will be illegal due to a variety of reasons. One of the most obvious reasons that robocalls are deemed illegal is due to their close relationship to false advertising. It is illegal to knowingly mislead potential customers with promises of a certain quality product or service without delivering results as advertised.

According to research studies, an average of 4.9 billion automatic calls go out each month which is a completely staggering figure. That number is expected to continue to rise due to regressive legislation that has been passed in recent years to interfere with the efforts of agencies who want to eliminate robocalls entirely.

How it benefits you
Robocall operations target millions of individuals each day making the problem a very real issue that many people can relate to. With the FTC cracking down on robocall operations, you can expect to see a subtle decline in the volume and frequency of calls you receive on a daily basis. The reason that the results of these efforts will be subtle is due to the large number of robocall companies which are in existence.

In order to fully halt robocalls in their track, the FTC would have to dedicate an extreme amount of time and money into making the efforts promising. These sorts of resources simply aren’t available to the FTC with so much of its budget and resources allocated to more important issues in the community.

Legislators are working on new laws to assist the FTC and other agencies in their attempt to stop robocalls. Many large telecommunications companies have also gone as far as dedicating a special caller ID which helps it’s users recognize and avoid robocall operations. Robocalls are still very much a part of our society however with agencies like the FTC working to combat it every day, the future looks promising.

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