Google Shuts Down Social Network Google+



Google plays an almost integral role in our everyday lives whether we realize it or not. Google is almost like the government of the internet, being one of the largest search engines available worldwide. With all of those readily available resources, Google also launched its own social network back in 2011 known as Google+. An official announcement was made by Google a few months ago detailing their plans to shut down their poorly-performing Google+ social media platform. Today is the day when that shut down occurs, April 2, 2019, is the day that Google+ officially died.

Usage Statistics

Google is starting to completely wipe its servers clean of all data related to the failed Google+ social network. The Google+ platform was initially started by Google in hopes of competing with social network giants like Facebook and Instagram, however, their efforts were fairly short-lived and unexciting. Google stated directly that the now-closed Google+ platform was being targeted for deletion due to low usage which was obvious when you visited the platform.

Aside from the platform being rather unpopular, the company announced in late 2018 that they detected vulnerabilities in the framework which exposed the private data of approximately 52 million accounts. To make things worse, it was found out that Google actually knew about the security vulnerability months before making an announcement. When questioned, the company spokesman stated that the company failed to disclose the security leak earlier due to fear of unnecessary panic.

Interface Flaws

The clunky user interface and rather disconnected sense of socializing is also another contributing factor into why the network was shut down. While other social platforms like Instagram make it easy for you to share stories and stay connected, Google+ always felt like a less important resume of your entire life. The platform required multiple steps be taken to achieve simple tasks and the sharing mechanism was not well formulated.

Google+ was also very bland and the customization options lacked when in comparison to Facebook or other prominent social networks. Over the years, the small group of individuals who used the platform primarily did so for forum-like discussions on current events and other topics. Before it was closed, having a Google+ profile was required at one point in time if you wanted to interact with other Google services like YouTube.

Better Competing Platforms

We can go on and on about why Google+ was a failed attempt by one of the largest companies in the world to create a comparable social media platform, but it doesn’t change the fact that the platform was just unpopular. When it was first released, Google had plans on making Google+ a bigger part of their overall software ecosystem, however, over the years many of their other services grew individually getting rid of the need for Google+ as a control medium.

If you had a Google+ profile, you will no longer be able to access any of your personal information as it will be completely deleted from Google servers within months.

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