Jordan Peele Dedicated to Casting African Americans in Lead Roles

Jordan Peele, the incredibly talented African-American film director, has seen a huge surge in his career status in Hollywood in recent years. Best known for his 2018 hit debut film “Get Out” which is based on racial and systematic prejudice that many African Americans face in America. Peele has done such an amazing job at captivating audiences of all nationalities, race, and religion with his unique and thrilling take on hot topics facing society today. He is able to address very uncomfortable topics and subject matter through film in a way that is both groundbreaking and slight mesmerizing.

Casting Criteria for Peele Movies

Jordan Peele is largely known for his racially driven screenplays that include undertones of colorism, horror, physiological manipulation, and an array of other social conditions which adds a sense of realism to the stories he tells. Largely, Peele has cast upcoming black actors and actresses to play the lead role in his films which has forced the film industry to adopt more progressive attitudes.

Whether or not Jordan Peele makes his casting decisions consciously or unconsciously, the dynamic of an all-black cast is something that you don’t see in film very often. This distinction makes Jordan Peele’s movies stand-out amongst the crowd; however, it can also cause some controversy.

Potential Backlash

In a recent sit-down interview that took place at the Upright Citizens Brigade located in East Hollywood, Jordan Peele discussed a variety of topics including marijuana legalization, self-esteem, and why we he chooses to cast predominantly black cast members. The interviewer asked Peele if he would ever consider casting a white male as the lead role in any of his future movies. Peele’s response was praised by some and criticized by others, Peele answered by stating that he wouldn’t consider casting a white male as the lead role in any of his movies.

Peele continues to explain his reasoning behind the statement by stating that his decision not to cast while male leads in his movies have nothing to do with him not liking white people. He simply asserts that due to the overwhelmingly obvious imbalance that exists in Hollywood casting today is the sole reason behind his beliefs.

Traditionally, Hollywood has been known to cast mostly while male and female leads in popular movies. Much less often than all white leads, do you see a black male or female as the lead in any Hollywood blockbuster. Peele wants to get rid of the stereotype that by having a black cast or lead actor, a movie loses its appeal to a mass audience.

His Approach to Film Making  

Peele will undoubtedly continue producing high-quality films that provoke conversations about serious issues troubling society in an objective and artistic way. What makes Jordan Peele movies stand out is the way that he incorporates reality with fictitious stories that still feel very real because they are based on the underlying themes that exist in the world we experience. Jordan Peele is a true film genius is slowly but surely proving that he is able to crank out surreal films that score huge at the box office on a consistent basis – regardless of the race of the starring cast.

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