Michigan State Knocks Duke out of March Madness

In this year’s 2019 March Madness tournament, Michigan State embodied the meaning of madness in their victory over rival Duke University. Duke has been the No. 1 team in basketball for quite some time and they planned to retain their superior status throughout 2019 however Michigan State has a set of different ideas. March Madness,  the annual college basketball tournament that pits top college basketballs from leading universities around the U.S. against one another, was filled with action-packed moments and surprise defeats that viewers everyone tuned into.

What this victory means

Michigan State defeated Duke University 68-67 in a very close game that had fans on both sides very anxious. The victory comes as a last-second free throw was missed by rival team Duke university which landed Michigan the opportunity to advance in the tournament. This victory is a huge loss for Duke fans because their star player Zion Williamson was expected to be the No. 1 NBA draft pick this year.

With the crushing loss, Duke is now eliminated from the March Madness tournament and will have to wait until next year to reclaim their No. 1 spot. This elimination comes quite early in the tournament which must hurt duke fans, even more, Duke freshman RJ Barrett could’ve saved his teams spot in the tournament but he missed the first free throw which sent the game spiraling downhill for Duke.

How it affects the team

Now that Duke University is no longer a part of the March Madness tournament, the next time fans of Zion Williamson will see him, will be on the NBA court. RJ Barret made a successful three-point shot during the game but it wasn’t enough to put Duke ahead on the scoreboard. Due to their loss, Duke will certainly have to make cuts and adjustments to the team to increase their odds of winning next year.

This defeat has to be tough because many of the players share a very tight-knit relationship with one another. Now that the season is over for them, they will have to begin their individual paths no longer being a part of the team. While this may be tough for some, other players will actually benefit from this defeat like Zion Williamson who is still a prime candidate for the NBA draft this year.

Could the outcome have been different?

Now that the game is over, many fans are wondering if there is anything Duke could’ve done differently in order to obtain a victory. Aside from the multiple practice sessions and intense training that the players go through, sometimes you just have an off night. Unfortunately, the Duke basketball team was off on one of the most important nights of their college basketball careers.

Aside from Barret making more successful baskets, Michigan State won fair and square which is why they are now advancing in the March Madness tournament. Things are only going to get more exciting from this point on with colleges across the U.S. battling to be number 1.

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