Nick Cannon to Help Complete Nipsey Hussle Dr. Sebi Documentary

The recent passing of revered LA rapper Nipsey Hussle still has many people in shock and disbelief. Before the rapper passed away, he was working on a documentary about Dr. Sebi who was a controversial herbalist that claimed he was able to cure cancer, diabetes, AIDS, and a slew of other diseases – without traditional medicine. The now slain 33yr old rapper conducted multiple interviews in which he talked about the influence that Dr. Sebi had on his life and the moment when he got a chance to meet Dr. Sebi’s wife.

The 1987 Trial

Nipsey Hussle was working on producing a documentary about the infamous 1987 trial of Dr. Sebi. Sebi was arrested on charges of practicing medicine without a license in New York during 1987 due to his claims of being able to cure all diseases. Dr. Sebi didn’t receive any formal training to formulate his healing remedies, instead, he relied on cultural traditions that were passed down through the generations.

Dr. Sebi eventually beat the 1987 case brought against him by the state of New York however more troubles were soon to follow. In 1993, New York Attorney general Shirley Stark sued Dr. Sebi for consumer fraud which put a stop to his operations for quite some time. In 2016, Dr. Sebi mysteriously died while in police custody in Honduras on charges of suspected money laundering.

Continuing the message

Nipsey Hussle found the series of events surrounding Dr. Sebi very interesting which led him to beginning work on a documentary. Due to Hussle’s sudden death, many people were wondering what was going to happen to the documentary. Nick Cannon who is a well-known actor, activist, and musician recently announced that he will be continuing the work his late friend Nipsey Hussle started.  

Cannon and Hussle had developed a rather cordial relationship in recent years and both respected each other’s viewpoint. Nick Cannon has also been into activism and education lately, so his relationship with the late Nipsey Hussle makes him the prime candidate to pick up the project in memory of his now deceased friend. After hearing the news, Nick Cannon posted a heartfelt message about Hussle in which he stated: “Now, your message is my message” insinuating that Nipsey Hussle’s passion and dedication to his community will be carried on through his friends.

The documentary

The entire situation is very fresh and new details are being released daily about the murder of Nipsey Hussle. Prior to the capture and arrest of the Nipsey’s suspected murderer, speculation that Nipsey’s death was ordered by the government as a way to halt production of the documentary, spread like wildfire across the internet. Dozens of memes outlining this conspiracy theory were promoted and shared across the net and had many ready to revolt in his honor.

With Nick Cannon now producing the documentary about Dr. Sebi, people who were waiting to see the documentary can rest assured that when it does release, it’ll be close to what Nipsey Hussle would’ve released himself. So far, Nick Cannon hasn’t released any further details about when he plans to release the film or how far along the project is so we’ll just have to wait until more information is available.

Nipsey Hussle was loved by many individuals across the world and his passion for people will live on through those he inspired.

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