Lakers’ Lonzo Ball Files Lawsuit Against Big Baller Co-Founder


Los Angeles Lakers’ Lonzo Ball has been in the news recently due to a controversy surrounding the clothing brand started by him and his father Lavar Ball. Lonzo Ball was drafted to the Lakers in 2017 and ever since he has constantly been in the news due to issues with Laker’s head coach Luke Walton in addition to injuries. Lonzo Ball is now in the news again, only this situation is related to issues off of the court. Ball and his father Lavar started the Big Baller Brand in 2017 as part of an added value to his sons overall basketball ability. The Big Baller Brand sold various items including shoes, shirts, hats, and more, however, those sales may begin to dwindle very soon.

Controversy Surrounding the Big Baller Brand

Lonzo Ball recently filed a lawsuit against Alan Foster – the co-founder of the Big Baller Brand who happens to be a childhood friend of his father. Ball is suing Foster for embezzlement and fraud in the amount of $2 million dollars that has been unaccounted for in the Big Baller Brand revenue report.

Foster is accused of trying to embezzle $2 million dollars while working as a partner with the Big Baller Brand in order to use the funds for his own personal expenses. He was allegedly trying to acquire assets in Ethiopia for business ventures that he was trying to spearhead himself. The lawsuit was filed with the Los Angeles County Superior Court however the filing is still currently under approval.

Lonzo covers up his tattoo

Lonzo Ball had a tattoo of the Big Baller Brand logo on his rear forearm in to properly represent for the family-owned company, however, he recently got the ink covered up with dice as he and his father plan to re-brand and re-name the country due to Foster’s alleged misdeeds. This was clearly a statement to his former business partner that the relationship they once shared was long over and never to return. Foster was a long-time friend of Lonzo Ball’s father Lavar Ball which makes the deceptive business practices even more disheartening.

Lonzo Ball has currently been out of games due to a left ankle injury that occurred on Jan. 19, he is expected to remain in recovery for the rest of the season so he won’t be on the court anytime soon. Ball has already had a very rough year in terms of injuries and overall team dynamics with the Lakers and this recent controversy only adds fuel to the already out of control fire.

Moving Forward

With Lonzo still revering from his ankle injury and now this, who knows what we can expect from the Ball family next. While this lawsuit is still ongoing, clear details about how Foster scammed the family out of $2 million have yet to be released so we will have to be patient until further details are released. One thing that the Ball family has is dedication, regardless of how things may look now, the Ball family will surely make a comeback.

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