Beyoncé Just Landed New Deals with Netflix and Adidas



It’s not like we’re surprised, but once again, Mother Yoncé is turning over tables and collecting checks, as the media is reporting she just stuck two lucrative deals – a brand new footwear and apparel partnership with Adidas, and a content deal with streaming boss Netflix. The deal with Adidas will include a re-launch of her 2016 Ivy Park clothing line, footwear, and more. The deal with Netflix is a documentary about her historic HBCU-themed 2018 Coachella performance, appropriately titled Homecoming: A Film by Beyonce.


Beyoncé and Adidas

Beyoncé has always been an icon in the fashion and music industries, both seemingly close cousins of the lifestyle side of sports. Adidas has been trying to increase the focus surrounding their female activewear clothes due to a rise in demand. By partnering with each other, Beyoncé & Adidas can both benefit from the sheer marketing value of the collaboration. Aside from marketing, the collaboration gives fans of Beyoncé and die-hard Adidas customers the opportunity to receive exclusive clothing and products that can’t be found anywhere else.

No details have been released yet about the specific value of the partnership or how the releases will be handled. While we wait for further developments surrounding details of the partnership, the news in itself has fans everywhere on the edge of their seat.


Netflix Special

Last year, the whole world watched as Queen Bey made history at Coachella’s annual monster festival weekend, being the first black female headline act in the history of the event. The performance was adored by fans and spectators everywhere which led to a massive amount of pirated film and more. Beyoncé enacted her legal team to remove all illegal footage of the performance from the internet so it is rather hard to find genuine clips of the event. The performance and response were so epic – Netflix noticed and wanted in. 

The singer just announced that she and the streaming giant are set to bring the iconic performance to televisions everywhere April 17th. Homecoming is set to include her entire Coachella 2018 performance in addition to bonus footage which is very exciting news for the beehive. Beyoncé is on a roll in 2019 as both of these announcements have fans in pure ecstasy by knowing that they’ll have tons of content to indulge in.

An innovator. A leader. A groundbreaker. Beyoncé is undoubtedly one of the most iconic female performers in recent history, with her record-breaking sales figures, various awards and achievements, groundbreaking performances and more. She has accomplished what some aspiring artists can only dream of. With the recent news of her upcoming Adidas collaboration and Netflix special, Queen Bey is continuing her reign of dominance far into the future.

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