Apple Passes Spotify With Most Paid US Subscribers

Apple Music has just officially surpassed Spotify as the streaming service with the most paid subscribers from the United States. The Wall Street Journal recently released a report conducted in February which provides an in-depth look at the analytics of various streaming companies. With Spotify and Apple Music being the two most prominent streaming platforms out, it was only a matter of time before someone compared the two. In the Wall Street Journal report, analytics for both Apple Music & Spotify show that Apple has 28 million paid US subscribers while Spotify has 26 million.

With this means for Apple

Apple has been on a mission recently to completely revamp their products and services. In January, Apple CEO Tim Cook released a keynote to Apple investors which stated that iPhone sales are expected to be on the decline in upcoming months. Many speculate that the decline in iPhone sales has to do with the price which is something that streaming services also struggle with figuring out.

The recent news that Apple has more US subscribers than Spotify is a much-needed win for the company. This is a really big accomplishment for Apple which further proves that loyal customers of the brand will always choose Apple products over other options simply based on the name. Apple Music was started in 2015 however Spotify has been around since 2008 which speaks volumes to how powerful branding and customer loyalty truly is.

How streaming will evolve

When music streaming services were first released, many people did not expect them to gain as much popularity as they have. This was largely due to the fact that people were used to using physical discs or MP3 files to play music, streaming at the time was very new and nobody really knew how it would end up. Fast forward to 2019 and music streaming is one of the most dominant forms of music consumption.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding music streaming particularly on the side of artists. This is due to law payout rates for songs streamed and the overall legality of playing music on streaming platforms. Like with any new service or product that is released, as time progresses things tend to get better.

Pros & Cons of streaming

Now that Apple Music reigns supreme in terms of monthly US-based subscribers, the company is sure to capitalize on the moment. While streaming is easy and convenient, there are also some downsides to streaming. One of the major ones being that when you stream music, you do not own any physical media to save or transfer your favorite songs. Paying a monthly subscription for music that you can’t save is something that people are still getting used to.

Generally speaking, in order to use a music streaming service, you need an internet connection which not everyone has access to. While music streaming is still relatively new to the world, we can only wait and see how it adapts as time moves forward.

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