Amazon to launch Thousands of Satellites into Orbit to Provide Global Internet Access

Amazon has been a revolutionary company since its inception and recent news surrounding the online marketplace giant proves that there is no end to its capability. The internet is an undeniable part of our everyday life and without it, services like Amazon wouldn’t exist less known be readily available to the public. While many people in developed countries take the internet for granted, there are still plenty of third-world nations and poverty-stricken countries who don’t have access to the web. Amazon is trying to change that by deploying internet-enabled satellites across the world in order to provide underdeveloped countries with easy access to the web.

What Does Amazon Gain From It?

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers on the planet. A majority of their profit revenue comes from streaming services, prime memberships, and regular Amazon retail customers. One of the most obvious benefits that Amazon would receive from launching 3,236 satellites across the globe is an increase in site visitation and sales. Another benefit to Amazon launching internet satellites into orbit is that they will be a pioneer in the industry which leads to more opportunities for them to dominate the tech sector completely.

While the initiative will bring positive benefits to those in areas where internet access isn’t readily available, Amazon is definitely positioning itself to take advantage of the sheer media engagement that will come as a result. Amazon can also further it’s operations into areas which may have been unreachable before due to a lack of internet connectivity.

How Will It Help Those In Need?

By launching internet satellites into underdeveloped countries and areas, less fortunate people will gain access to opportunities which otherwise wouldn’t be available. We still see many developing nations around the world struggling with proper education and health. By giving these affected people access to the internet, you open the door for education advancement and population sustainability also.

Having more people online will help companies can increase their advertising audience and customize products to sell to people in areas with specific infrastructure problems or other weaknesses. Imagine a kid who is not able to buy basic school supplies now having the ability to get simple things like pencils delivered right to them.

How Does It Work?

The project, named Project Kuiper, will work by deploying roughly 3,236 satellites in pre-designated areas which are known to be “disconnected” from the world. Project Kuiper will work by deploying roughly 3,236 satellites in pre-designated areas which are known to be “disconnected” from the world. Once the satellites are deployed and active, anyone can connect to them similar to how you connect to your home Wi-Fi network. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon also has another company dedicated to space travel and global connectivity named Blur Origin. While there have been no official release dates or other announcement regarding exactly when the project will begin, we can expect to see new developments very soon.

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