Solange Cancels Coachella Performance

Solange recently released her fourth studio album When I Get Home, to widespread critical acclaim. This is why the well-deserved hype surrounding her upcoming 2019 Coachella performance has fans all over the world crushed due to the fact that she just cancelled her appearance. This week, Solange officially pulled out of Coachella due to “major production delays” and quickly apologized to the legions of fans who were anticipating her show.  A lot of festivalgoers were extremely disappointed by the news, as many confessed that Solange was the only reason they were attending Coachella this year.

Her Career

Solange has had a very colorful career. She has approached it similarly to a marathon, taking her time, going at her own innovative pace and being deliberately strategic about her message and creative direction. Her debut album “Sol-Angel” was released in 2002 followed by three more projects from 2008-2016. Her third project A Seat at the Table, was what seemed like a defining moment in her career, solidifying her as an artistic leader. Solange has always been known for her sultry and seductive vocals that are often times coupled with melodic choruses and conscious lyrics.

She has stated in multiple interviews that she wants to be seen as her own artist separate from her much bigger sister Beyoncé. Instead of just talking about it, Solange has put in the work to make her dreams become a reality. Through dedication and persistence, Solange has established herself as an independent artist and she has been very successful at it.

Cancelled Coachella Show

Solange’s 2019 Coachella festival could’ve possibly been the biggest performance in her career. Over the last few years, she has consistently impressed fans and industry authorities with performances and visuals rooted in artsy innovation and the intensity of her individual style and persona. In 2017, Paste Magazine listed Solanges FYF festival performance as one of the top live shows in 2017. Solange knows how to give an entertaining live show that pushes boundaries and re-shapes what people are thinking and feeling about life performances. This makes the news of her canceled Coachella performance even more disappointing. People have pointed out that it seems strange for Solange to cancel her Coachella performance right after Beyoncé announced her Netflix Coachella 2018 documentary. With the news of Solange’s cancelled Coachella 2019 show, her fans are wondering when the singer will announce her independent concert and tour dates. 

The 2019 Coachella festival will begin on April 19th and it set to host a slew of high-profile performers. Solange will miss out on the opportunity to headline alongside acts like Ariana Grand and Childish Gambino, who are still scheduled to perform this year.

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