Baltimore’s Chris Davis Sets MLB Hitless Record


Chris Davis of the Boston Orioles has been under intense scrutiny recently due to his seeming inability to properly land a strike on target. In 2016, Chris Davis signed a seven-year $161 million dollar contract with his current team however he hasn’t been able to successfully strike a baseball since Sept. 14, 2018, which puts him at almost a year with no hits. Chris Davis isn’t the only person letting Baltimore down as the crowd which attended this past week’s game was the smallest crowd to ever be recorded at Oriole Park in its entire 28 years of existence with attendance numbers set at 6,585.

Davis’s Hitless Streak

David has a current batting average of .168 and he is 0 for 28 this baseball season which puts a lot of pressure on him to improve before the playoffs begin. Baltimore Orioles manager Brandon Hyde said, “the first three bats were really good so I’m taking that as a positive sign” in a recent interview about his player Chris Davis. This is rather shocking considering that most baseball team managers are very strict and demand great performance. Last week, in Baltimore, the crowd booed Davis. “I understand the frustration,” he told new outlets. “Nobody’s more frustrated than I am.”

Chris Davis beat the previous hitless record set by former Dodgers and Giants player Eugenio Velez back in 2010. Davis has currently struck out 47 consecutive times since Sept. 14, 2018, which means he would have to land the next 6 at-bats just to create a decent season record. Davis has struck out 15 times during this season which makes him the lowest ranking player in MLB history to be eligible for the batting title.

Davis was selected for the team due to his incredible prospective performance and abilities. However, since then he has not shown any improvements that can help him become the player he truly is. Chris Davis has 56 plate appearances since last season with no completed hit.

What does this mean for Davis’ Future?

Davis’ options aren’t looking good. One option is that the Orioles could pay Davis off and let him go.  He could also do the unthinkable quit, forfeiting the almost 100 million dollars he is still owed.  Or, he could choose to go to the minor leagues, sharpen his skills and then return to the majors. He would, however, have to agree to the demotion per his contract.  Orioles officials have consistently expressed support for Davis. Hopefully, the support remains as he works to get back on track.


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