Lakers’ Magic Johnson to Leave Role as Team President

On Wednesday, former Los Angeles Lakers player and sitting president of basketball operations for the team Magic Johnson announced that he has stepped down from his position. Magic Johnson has been the president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers for the better part of two years. This made his impromptu announcement very shocking to fans of the NBA, players, coaches, and media personalities alike. According to the Associated Press, the news comes after Magic Johnson had a 3-hour meeting with the owner of the Lakers Jeanie Buss and general manager Rob Pelinka last week about this being the teams 6th consecutive losing season.  

Reason Behind the Decision

Magic stated in his interview with ESPN that at the time of him making the accouchement, neither Jeanie Buss nor Rob Pelinka knew about his decision. Magic continued to state that his decision to step down as president of basketball operations for the team was due to it not being fun anymore for him. The former Lakers player stated that it’s not fun when he has to choose between two players he really likes when it comes to making trade decision and related practices.

Johnson said that he stopped and looked around to see that his life was already amazing outside of being the president of the team. This made him realize that he wanted to focus more of his attention on philanthropic efforts and coaching the likes of Serena Williams amongst other high-profile athletes. Since Magic didn’t tell team owner Jeanie Buss yet he stated in the interview that “someone is going to have to tell my boss” as a way to lighten up the rather disheartening news.

What’s In Store For Magic Now?

Magic Johnson is planning to continue working on his business ventures which have been experiencing a tremendous increase in sales recently. He has several businesses including investments in movie theaters, record labels, food franchises, and more. Magic Johnson also has his own company named Magic John Enterprises which primarily focuses on developing entertainment and other forms of media.

He also stated in the interview that he wants to coach a lot of up and coming players who could really use his help to achieve their highest potential. Magic plans to continue his leadership role in other aspects of society while also remaining a close ally to the Lakers Franchise and basketball.

How Will The Team Deal With It?

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a very rough past couple of years involving disputes with head coach Luke Walton and multiple players in addition to other scandals. The team consists of all-star players like Lebron James, Kyle Kuzma, and Lonzo Ball. While the press is still waiting to hear their reaction on the entire situation, who knows what this move means for the teams future. As the search for a new President of Basketball Operations begins, players and fans will surely miss seeing Magic Johnson on the court and behind the scenes.

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