Nipsey Hussle Receives Honorable Tributes and Legendary Send-Off



The recent passing of LA rapper, entrepreneur and philanthropist Nipsey Hussle has, both, saddened and captivated the world. Since his untimely murder just one week ago, there have been numerous marches, vigils, and tributes all over the world. From London to Ethiopia, New York, Miami, DC, Los Angeles, and countless other US cities, all week long, hundreds of thousands of people have joined in solidarity to pay their respects to the fallen soldier. Fans and friends came together and uplifted each other with speeches, songs and more, leaving behind thousands of flowers, balloons, candles, posters, and replicas of the scarves he consistently donned in the signature “Crip blue.”

The news of his death also took social media by storm with thousands of peers and fans (old and new) making declarations about how much of an inspiration the 33-year old father of two was, and how much his loss would change the hip-hop community forever. Nipsey “Neighborhood Nip” Hussle, born Ermias Asghedom, was doing many positive things in his hometown of Los Angeles and after his death, close relatives and peers of the now slain superstar are dedicated to continuing his mission.  Fans have already picked up the torch as his first studio album “Victory Lap” has jumped back on the Billboard charts at #2 due to continuous play on radio stations everywhere.

An Honorable Memorial For A True Leader

Nipsey Hussle’s memorial service dubbed “A Celebration of Life” is scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 11th at LA’s famous Staples Center. Tickets for the event were offered for free to fans who didn’t waste any time scoring them as all 21,000 tickets were gone less than 10 minutes after being made available. This further proving how much of impact he really had on his community.  On Wednesday good news came for those unable to get tickets when BET announced they would be airing the service live, commercial-free starting at 10am PT/1pm ET. 

Immediately following the service the funeral procession will go on a 25-mile “victory lap” that will take his casket through various Los Angeles neighborhoods and passed his Marathon Clothing store eventually ending at a local Crenshaw funeral home. 

Nipsey’s Unifying Message

Since his tragic murder, the widespread impact Hussle’s passing has touched even the most unlikely groups as dozens of rival gangs took to the streets of Los Angeles in a ‘unity march’ to not only pay respect to Nipsey, but to also show a public commitment to stop the violence and unite in the name of peace and progress in the community.  Ironically, just days after Hussle was killed, the LAPD Police Commissioner took to the podium at a press conference and read an email sent to him by Nipsey and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation company requesting a meeting with the LA Police Chief to discuss ways to prevent gang violence in the city. “Our goal is to work with the department to help improve communication, relationships, and work towards changing the culture and dialogue between the LAPD and the inner city…”, the email read. The meeting was scheduled to take place the day after Nipsey was murdered. 

The Nation of Islam also honored Hussle with their own march and tribute for him near his Marathon clothing store that included the laying of a wreath. “We are here to dedicate this time and moment to one of our great princes, a king, a general,” said Minister Tony Muhammad. “We want their family to know that the Nation of Islam, we embrace this family and extended family. We are a part of his hood. We love every black man and woman, every brown man and woman no matter what your state in life is.”

A Historical Honor

Nipsey Hussle’s incredible legacy has been archived in U.S. History. Wednesday, Congresswoman Karen Bass followed through on a promise as she stood on the House Floor to officially enter Nipsey Hussle’s contributions to Los Angeles into the Congressional Record. “Nipsey Hussle used the platform he created with his music to lift our community as he climbed. His business ventures. His investments. His philanthropy. His community engagement. Every step of the way, he had a sole purpose of bettering the community he came from,” Bass said. “He will be remembered by South Los Angeles as a protector, an inspirer, as a father, a brother, and an unabashed son of South Los Angeles. For all that he was given, he gave back,” she concluded.

Nipsey’s Mother Speaks Out

With everything that happened surrounding the death of Nipsey Hussle, his mother finally released a statement about her son’s death. In a video posted to several social media platforms, Nipsey Hussle’s mother talked about her appreciation for the outpouring of support she has been receiving since his death. She also went to state in the video clip that  “death is you being reborn as a child in the spirit” and encouraged fans not to fear death, but to prepare for it,  which is something that helps her cope with her son’s passing.

Impact After Death

Nipsey Hussle undoubtedly had a huge impact on his community and friends while he was living. Even after his death, Nipsey Hussle continues to inspire and motivate young people across the world to always chase their dreams and never give up no matter how hard it gets. Although his untimely death is very unfortunate, people who loved the rapper while he was alive are continuing the work that he started.

Nipsey Hussle will have a lasting impact on his community and the world as a whole. The city of Los Angeles even renamed the intersecting corners of Slauson and Crenshaw as “Nipsey Hussle Square” to show their appreciation and respect for all of the positive things the rapper was doing in the community. The Marathon, indeed, continues.

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