Jamal Crawford Is the NBA’s Oldest to Score 50 points in a Game

Jamal Crawford of the Phoenix Suns recently made history by becoming one of the NBA’s oldest players to score 50 points in a single game. This past week has been filled with controversy and breaking news for the NBA from the recent news of Magic Johnson stepping down from the Lakers and more. In a recent game against the Dallas Mavericks, Jamal Crawford scored 51 points in addition to five assists and five rebounds during the match-up. Jamal Crawford is 39yrs old making him the oldest player in NBA history to accomplish such a feat.

Crawford’s NBA history

Jamal Crawford’s recent historic game put him ahead of Michael Jordan’s highest points scored record which was set on Dec. 29, 2001 when he was 38. His performance against the Mavericks was definitely impressive especially considering that he has not had even a 30-point game throughout the entire season. Jamal Crawford also set a new record for being the first player in NBA history to have 50-point games for four different NBA franchises.

What makes his recent performance that much more astounding is the fact that he hasn’t scored 30 points in a game since 2016 when he played for the Los Angeles Clippers. Jamal Crawford has also had 50-point games with the Warriors, Knicks, and Bulls the last one being in 2008.

Record-Breaking Game

Jamal Crawford’s record-breaking performance garnered attention from the Phoenix Suns official twitter account and mainstream media outlets including ESPN. With all of the speculation going on this season about whether or not this will be his last year, Jamal Crawford has just added even more questions marks as to whether or not he plans on retiring soon.

To add insult to injury, Crawford’s recent game against the Mavericks was the last one for rival Mavericks player Dirk Nowitzki who announced his retirement this week also. Even though the Suns lost the game against the Mavericks, most of the attention is on Crawford because of his record-breaking performance. The exact dates of Crawford’s 50-point game history are as follows: Phoenix Suns (Apr. 9, 2019), Chicago Bulls (Apr.11, 2004), New York Knicks (Jan. 26, 2007), and Golden State Warriors (Dec. 20, 2008).

What’s Next

With Crawford on the verge of retirement, fans and coaches alike are interested in knowing what the record-breaking player is planning for his future. While there have been no official announcements by Crawford or anyone closely associated with him in regards to his retirement, many people suspect that the legendary baller will be announcing his departure from the league very soon.

His recent performance over the past week proves that Crawford is still able to work the court efficiently, however, age catches up with all of us so it is difficult to tell how his body feels solely based on his outward performance. One thing is for sure, however, regardless of whether or not Jamal Crawford retires anytime soon when he does he will definitely go down as one of the most dynamic players in the history of the NBA.


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