Disney+ to Stream Episodes of The Simpsons

The Simpsons and Disney are both long-time American brands that garner reverence and loyalty, regardless of age or gender. Recent news gave fans of both media entities a surprise to be very excited about, Disney is launching its streaming platform “Disney+” in November and will offer exclusive Simpsons episodes to its subscribers. When Disney’s new streaming service launches, all episodes from all 30 seasons of the TV show The Simpsons will be available to view on demand. Disney made this announcement this past week during their Disney Investor Day event where they discussed multiple upcoming ventures and new services. 

What This Means For Fans

The Simpsons, the longest-running scripted primetime TV series in the US, can only be streamed on the Simpsons World app available for various smart devices. The app was released in 2014 by television company FX when the show began playing on their various networks. The popular streaming platform Hulu has even recently added episodes of the hit show to their platform.

What makes the news about The Simpsons being available on Disney’s upcoming streaming platform so different, is the fact that Disney recently acquired 21st Century Fox and it’s partner company 20th Century Fox which was the home of The Simpsons show since its debut. This gives Disney the ability to provide unlimited access to all of the show’s previous episodes and bonus content.

How To Watch

Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ is set to be released to the public in November and will be available to fans everywhere. Disney+ will work just like similar streaming services including Netflix – you’ll pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee and gain access to all of the TV shows, movies, and other content that you want to watch. All 30 seasons of The Simpsons will be available on the platform and the show’s creators recently revealed that the series has been renewed for two more seasons.

Disney+ will be available on all major smart devices and other internet connected media entertainment centers. Disney has a rather unique dominance in the entertainment industry owning companies like ESPN and Hulu. In the age of consumers streaming more than consuming via appointment TV, it was natural for Disney to capitalize off of their unlimited source of content to give fans a bundled option to watch all of their favorite media. Disney+ will launch November 12th 2019 and will cost $6.99/month for US residents. The company is currently working to expand the service’s compatibility with more smart TVs also.  

How Streaming Will Evolve

Disney+ is a major step for Disney and the entertainment industry as a whole. With more and more people enjoying their favorite content online, major companies have no choice but to embrace streaming as a primary part of their business model. Disney is in a very advantageous position given the fact that the company already owns the rights to so many popular shows and movies. Streaming services are definitely here to stay and with so many new companies entering the market, Disney is surely not going to take it easy on its competitors.


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