Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Release His Own Tequila Brand



Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, most notably known for his successful acting and wrestling and careers, recently announced that he is launching his very own Tequila brand. With his recent announcement, The Rock will join an exclusive club of other celebrities who have their own liquor brands like Sean P. Diddy Combs, George Clooney,  Justin Timberlake and more.  The Rock recently posted on Instagram with the caption “I’m very passionate about my new tequila we’re developing”, alongside a picture of what are presumably test batches of his new tequila brand.

How It Developed

The Rock stated that he has been working on developing his recently announced tequila brand for years. In the same Instagram post mentioned above, The Rock also hinted at the fact that his new tequila brand is being produced in Mexico stating he “spent all weekend taste testing every batch of my new tequila fresh out of our barrels from Mexico.”

The Rock has been quoted as saying that he loves tequila so much he puts it in his oatmeal with brown sugar. With that amount of dedication and love for tequila, it’s no surprise that the superstar is venturing into the business of making his very own bottle of the renowned liquor.

Details About The New Tequila

Official details related to the name and flavor profiles of the tequila have yet to be released, however, in 2018, The Rock filed for a U.S. Patent and Trademark for the brand name “Mana” which also has many speculating that this could be the official name of the upcoming tequila brand. The Rock also hinted at this name in his Instagram post by saying “Mana, passion, positivity, hard work” which solidifies this rumor in many people’s eyes.

We’re still waiting to hear the official word from The Rock about the name of the tequila and where it will be available for purchase. In his Instagram post, The Rock was in front of various bottles with different labels which many suspects are the flavor options for his new tequila brand.

Where You Can Get It

With the news still relatively fresh for many people, everyone is excited to get their hands on the new tequila.  Given The Rock’s recent Instagram post and posts from months before, fans can expect the release date to be revealed very soon with the superstar stating that “We’re almost there” in reference to his new liquor venture.

While we wait for pricing information and availability details one can only speculate about how The Rock’s new tequila will taste and what flavors it will come in. with anticipation building around the release, The Rock is definitely planning something huge for all of those waiting to get a taste of his new liquor brand.

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