How To Make ‘Kardashian Money’ Promoting Brands Online

The Kardashians are one of the most well-known celebrity families in the world and all of their television shows, endorsements, and other sponsorships have elevated them to elite status. The Kardashian family is very active on social media with Kylie Jenner having a very successful billion-dollar makeup line, to Kim Kardashian and her many business ventures. If you’ve ever wondered how much the family makes promoting these various products, today is your lucky day because during a recent appearance on the CBS show “Sunday Morning” Kris Jenner revealed how much the family charges to promote products on their Instagram pages.

How much does it cost to advertise with the Kardashians?

Kris Jenner stated that her daughters have a wide range of social media marketing fees which depend on the type of product being advertised and how it’s advertised. According to Jenner, her daughters will charge different fees if a company or product wants them to create a Facebook post, social media post, or any other promotional marketing material. She also revealed that if someone wants one of the family members to promote a product that is ingested or inserted into the body, the price tag for the advertising is significantly higher.

While the interviewers tried to get specific numbers, Kris Jenner simply said that the fee for a Kardashian sponsored social media endorsement is “definitely six figures” which is right in the range that many people were expecting. Kendall Jenner was paid $300,000 to promote the Fyre festival in 2018 so we can only imagine how her prices have gone up since then.

The Kardashians have come under some scrutiny in regards to some of the products that they’ve chosen to advertise on social media. This controversy hasn’t stopped the family from their digital brand promoting and they continue to use social media posting as a very lucrative revenue stream.


The Kardashians aren’t the only people making money on social media, in fact, average people everywhere are making tons of money doing the exact same thing as them. You can become a social media brand ambassador to make money through posting product links and different promotional content for companies.

To get started, all you need to do is grow a large fanbase on virtually any social media site you prefer. Once you have about 5,000+ followers you can begin charging people to post their products or services on your page. The more followers you have, the more valuable your posts will be. 

Many companies will automatically reach out to you once they see that you have lots of interaction and followers on social media. Regular people model for clothing lines, lifestyle brands, fitness supplements and more and they make pretty good money doing it. If you have a natural gift for sales and think that becoming a social media brand ambassador would be something you’re interested in, do some research online to find out about affiliate programs and other partnerships you can use to make money from your social media account.


Building a large, loyal social media audience takes strategy, consistency, and an authentic connection to your audience. Beware of companies who try to lure you into buying followers. Going this route can cause you unnecessary problems, including your account being shut down. The best way to create a lucrative Digital Brand Ambassador opportunity is to earn your followers – the old fashioned way. Small business website gives some solid advice on how to grow your followers, which can, in turn, grow the size of your ambassador fees.

Be Regular and Consistent

It is important to consistently connect with your followers. With the new normalcy of people checking their favorite social accounts multiple times daily, large gaps in between posts could leave you forgotten. Be sure to post daily – multiple times if you are fortunate to have the time and resources to.

Speak To Your Market About Things They Care About

It is important that the messages you send through your posts connect directly with your audience. Be sure to post information relevant to your business and stay away from meaningless posts that would trigger people to keep scrolling. If your page is promoting your fashion brand, stay away from posting about your sick puppy.

Match The Message And Format To The Proper Network

If you are managing multiple social media platforms (and you should be), it is important that you match the message to its appropriate platform. A message meant for a Facebook audience, shouldn’t be posted to Instagram as people consume content on each differently. A message posted on Twitter, may not go over the same on LinkedIn. Be sure to research best practices for each platform you are using. Things like “time of day” for posts and “quantity of posts” will vary by platform. 20 tweets on Twitter works. 20 selfies on Instagram may not.

Have Your Social Media Follow Buttons Everywhere You Can

Simply put – every chance you get, let everyone (not just your followers) know exactly where to find you online. Leave all of your social handles on every platform. Include your social pages in your email signature.  People should not have to search for you.

Follow Influencers and Share Their Content

Research and find all of the authorities and influencers in the industry you are trying to break into. Follow them, share their content – with them tagged. A lot of them will follow you back if they like what you are doing. You know what that means – they could eventually start sharing your content with their followers. Score.

Remind Your E-Mail Subscribers About Your Social Media Accounts

If they don’t know, they won’t show. Although they may receive your emails, doesn’t automatically mean they know how to find you on social media. Again, be sure to cross-promote as much as possible.

Respond To Your Followers

Engagement increases loyalty. Being accessible to your followers is priceless. They feel important, seen and heard when you respond and engage in dialogue with your audience. Your audience could be offended and turn resentful if they are constantly reaching out directly with questions and concerns only to never be responded to.

Use Hashtags Where Appropriate

Hashtags were created to be locator tools. Use them. And use a variety of them associated with your brand and each specific post. Many social media users find specific content by searching for or subscribing to specific hashtags. Be mindful of how many hashtags you are using and be sure to make sure that the content you are intending to share doesn’t get swallowed up by a bunch of #’s.

Make It Easy For Others To Share Your Content

Be sure to include social media share links on all of your pages. People want things to be turnkey. Sometimes, a person may skip out on sharing if they have to copy and paste the link and then repost wherever they want to share. Share links simplify this and make spreading the word more likely.

Use Your Stats To Identify Popular Posts And Topics

Use the analytics for your social and sites to lead you to the most popular topics. Take that information and then feed them more of what they love.

Following these tips will set you on the right path for increasing not only your followers but the buzz around your brand. The more you are identified as an expert or authority on a subject, be it fashion, business, or otherwise, the more followers you will attract. The more followers you collect, the more brands will want to use you to spread messages that make sense for both of you. And a lot of brands will pay A LOT of money to be associated with the most influential people that could help increase their bottom line.

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