Students at Lebron James “I Promise” School Test Higher Than 70% of Students Districtwide



Back in 2018 LeBron James opened the “I Promise” school in Akron Ohio which primarily focusing on educating at-risk kids that come from environments with limited resources. The New York Times reported this past Friday that students attending the I Promise school in 3rd and 4th grade achieved higher test scores than over 70% of other schools in the district for the Measures of Academic Progress exam. The results were quite astounding given the fact that many students at the I Promise school were considered “unredeemable” due to their prior history.

How The School Impacts Children

90% of I Promise students who met their goals scored in the 99th growth percentile which is higher than any other Akron public school in their district. This is great news for LeBron James who has expressed his dedication to providing underprivileged kids with a second chance. In a recent interview, James addressed the students test scores by stating “Now people are going to really understand the lack of education they had before they came to our school” which is definitely true.

The I Promise school is an example of how caring teachers and quality education can transform virtually any circumstance. With the school only being in operation for one year, these test results show a promising future for the I Promise Academy and similar education centers.

The I Promise Academy even has a family resource center where parents of the students attending the school can get career advice. There is also a food pantry located inside of the I Promise Academy which makes it easy for adults to provide essential supplies to their kids. The I Promise Academy is a comprehensive effort by the basketball legend, LeBron James, to improve not only education but the quality of life for all of those affected by poverty.

Celebrity recognition

The extraordinary test results of the students have garnered praise from regular media spokespeople and education experts alike.  Former President of The United States Barack Obama even took to social media to congratulate LeBron James and the students at the I Promise school for their amazing test scores. The academy has received widespread media attention from major news outlets like The New York Times ever since it’s founding. All of the attention on the Academy and it’s students clearly has not had an effect on their focus for higher learning and better opportunities.

Education in the future

Education has been a hot button issue for many people in America and worldwide for decades. With so many educational startups and organizations failing to meet their mission statement, LeBron James’ I Promise Academy is a refreshing display of how a little bit of care and generosity can go a long way. With the unexpected test results shocking many people across the country, the I Promise Academy is definitely becoming a leader in alternative education and learning opportunities catered towards the future. 

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