T-Mobile Launches New Television Service


T-Mobile recently released a new television service called “TVision Home” on April 14 as a way to improve the company’s customer experience. T-Mobile is one of the largest mobile phone service providers in the world and their recent move shows that they plan to constantly innovate their services. The “TVision Home” services will offer its users access to tons of streaming apps and content like movies and TV shows. The service will only be available in 8 cities during its launch including San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, and more.

How Will It Work

Currently, TVision Home costs subscribers $100 monthly if they want to access all of the features that the service provides. If you’re a current T-Mobile customer, you’ll receive a $9.99 discount when you sign up for the new TVision Home service. TVision Home is launched with access to over 275 channels which is a lot for a brand-new streaming service. T-Mobile has issued a statement to promise its customers that prices for the new services will not increase as time goes on.

T-Mobile also announced that TVision Home would debut with Amazon Alexa compatibility allowing you to control the service with your voice. The service also works with Google Assistant which shows that T-Mobile plans to grab a large sector of the streaming market with their new service.

What is T-Mobile’s Plan

T-Mobile has always been an innovator in the mobile phone service offering services like “Jump” and more. Their recent announcement about its new TVision Home service proves that the company plans to hold its position as a digital content leader in the mobile industry. T-Mobile has lacked a cohesive branded entertainment experience for some time now when compared to other mobile service providers.

The new TVision Home service launch is a smart move by the company because streaming and digital content consumption have been on the rise in recent years. The new service hosts tens of thousands of movies and TV shows alongside an array of streaming apps to give subscribers an unlimited amount of digital content to immerse themselves in.

Digital Entertainment

Digital entertainment is becoming the standard way that many people consume their favorite content. We stream music digitally, pay bills online, order food digitally, and even read books online. It’s no surprise that T-Mobile would want to get in on the action when it comes to providing a complete digital entertainment solution given the fact that their wireless services are very popular. TVision Home also gives it’s users the ability to control their social media profiles through the service, acting as a gateway to all things digital. T-Mobile has also stated that the service is designed to usher in the age of 5G connectivity where blazing fast speeds and high-resolution content will be the standard everywhere. 

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