Donald Glover to Collaborate with Adidas on New Shoe Line

Donald Glover, just as respectfully known as “Childish Gambino”, recently performed at the Coachella 2019 festival where he debuted a lot of cool new projects he has been working on. The actor/rapper released the debut of his long-awaited film with fellow music industry veteran Rihanna titled Guava Island at the festival and also used the Apple service AirDrop to give select fans exclusive access to a shoe he made in collaboration with Adidas after news just recently broke that Glover teamed up with Adidas to create an entire line of shoes under the title, “Donald Glover Presents.”

Details About The Line

Glover’s new Adidas shoe line will feature a plethora of options ranging in different styles, but harboring the same general theme. All of the shoes in the line are set to feature rugged detailing such as inside out golden eyestays and uneven stitching which gives the shoes a more worn and unpolished look. Donald Glover said in a recent interview about the shoes that “rich is a concept” and that he wants to challenge people to tell their life story by way of wearing his custom shoe line. “The partnership for me is about being able to exemplify what doing your own thing truly looks and feels like”, Glover said in a statement.

The shoes featured in the line will have unstitched canvas edges which wear naturally as you wear the shoes. This is sort of a more personal touch that allows you to mold your shoe into the form that you desire, once you begin to wear the shoes your pair will not look like anyone else’s. The Donald Glover Adidas shoe collaboration is said to be inspired by subtle imperfections and giving people the ability to share their personal narrative by way of shoes. The coveted kicks will cost between $80-$100 is set to go on sale to the public on April 26th.

Once news broke of Donald Glover releasing his new Adidas shoe line, fans couldn’t wait to get more details about the shoe collection and are already buzzing around in a frenzy on social media trying to find out how they can get their hands on a pair of the original kicks. 

Where Can You Get Them?

The line, which has been said to include options for virtually anyone, is set to be released in a variety of sporting goods retail chains and sneaker stores like Footlocker. The shoes will also be available for purchase on the official Adidas website and other online retailers, so you’ll be able to get your hands on a pair pretty much anywhere. 


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