‘Bad Boys for Life’ Movie Wraps Up Production

Iconic film stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have just announced that they recently finished filming the long-awaited Bad Boys for Life movie. The Bad Boys for Life movie will be the third installment in the series following up Bad Boys I & II which were released in 1995 and 2003. When fans of the Bad Boys movie series got the news that the film had finished its production phase, all-out chaos ensued as people rushed to find out more information about the upcoming title.

What to expect

In addition to the two icon stars of the film, “Bad Boys for Life” is set to feature a wide range of stars including DJ Khaled, Charles Melton, Vanesa Hudgens, Jacob Scipio, and Alexander Ludwig, to name a few. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will take on the role of the previous characters known as detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowry. Jacob Scipio is set to play a character who goes by the name Armando Armas who is the leader of a very powerful drug cartel. Paola Nunez is scheduled to play the role of a member of the Miami Police Departments prestige team known as AMMO.

The movie has a very interesting plot with old characters who were featured in Bad Boys I & II returning to develop interesting relationships with the main characters. A recently released synopsis of the plot of the film stated that “The new installment centers on the Miami PD and its elite AMMO team’s attempt to take down Armando Armas (Scipio), head of a drug cartel.” This news got fans of the series even more excited to see what surprises the film’s two main stars were planning to pull out this time.

Release Date

While there are some relatively vague details available to us at the moment regarding the film, there has been no official release date for the title as of yet so we’ll have to wait for more news there. One thing fans of the Bad Boys movie series can be sure of however is that when the movie is set to release, Will Smith will definitely use his Instagram to drive consistent awareness of all of the details surrounding the film, including its release. Smith has become a smash hit on Instagram. His engaging pictures, videos and commentary have seemingly revived public interest in him as an actor and Hollywood personality. He recently livestreamed him jumping over the Grand Canyon on YouTube a few months ago.

Smith is also set to star in an upcoming film release titled “Gemini Man” which centers around the main character who is battling with different personalities inside of him.

Excitement About the Bad Boys For Life

It’s been 16yrs since the release of the last Bad Boy installment which has many fans waiting on the edge of their seat for the latest release. As more information is released surrounding details of where and when the film will be available for public viewing, we’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled for all of the latest updates. There has been no confirmation as to whether or not the “Bad Boys for Life” film will be the very last series installment or not, however, fans are just excited to see their two favorite detectives back on screen.

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