Free Music Streaming Is Coming from Google And Amazon

Amazon and Google recently announced their plans to offer free music streaming capabilities to everyone who purchases one of their smart speaker options. Google Home and the Amazon Echo speaker will come with a free music catalog that they can stream via voice-activated commands. These announcements come as Spotify has experienced a surge in their subscription numbers due to the constantly growing popularity of music streaming.

Details About the Free Music Streaming Services

Google and Amazon’s free music streaming platforms will contain pre-loaded music selections from a variety of premium providers including Sirius XM. Sirius XM is launching a streaming-only service that is specifically designed targeted at smart home speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home device. Amazon currently holds about 70% of the smart speaker market share which already gives them an advantage over Google’s new music streaming service.

Research group CIRP performed a study which indicated that there are approximately 66 million smart speakers integrated into US homes as of February this year. For a long time, Spotify was the only music streaming service that offered a free tier for users who were interested in their services. With large companies like Google and Amazon making their way into the streaming market, the industry is certain to feel a shift.

Device Compatibility

One very interesting thing to note about Google and Amazon’s new music streaming services is that they will only be available for free on compatible smart speakers. Neither of the new streaming services will be available on touchscreen devices which is one of the major differences between them and services like Spotify. Both of these new streaming services have yet to be given an official name however they will only be available on compatible smart speaker devices from Google and Amazon.

Both Amazon and Googles new streaming platforms will include free plans which lead to more premium subscription options. Sirius XM will also offer a Sirius XM Essential package that starts at $1/month on both devices. The SiriusXM Essential streaming plan will cost $8/month for full feature options, the plan will also include more of a radio centered streaming platform as opposed to computer-generated playlists.

What This Means For Streaming in the Future?

Most people like using devices from the same company because it makes sharing and organizing your life much easier. For those music lovers out there, who currently own an Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speaker, these new free music streaming services may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. The free music streaming services announced by Google and Amazon will also include channel options like sports, news, and entertainment which separates them from solely music-focused services like Spotify.

Google and Amazon are definitely taking bold steps to transform a fairly new way of consuming music by streaming. With the newly announced free music streaming services being released by the tech giants, consumers will decide which company has the right approach to music consumption.

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