Destiny’s Child Musical Being Developed by Mathew Knowles

Destiny’s Child was one of the most popular all-girls group of the late 90s and early 2000s captivating audiences everywhere. Mattew Knowles, the father of lead singer Beyoncé is now planning to produce an entire musical centered around the popular girl group. Knowles is developing a musical to tell the story of everything that happened surrounding the group’s careers and members. The musical, titled Survivor: The Destiny’s Child Musical is set to be performed on Broadway amongst other high-profile venues and will premier in Houston next year.

Details About the Musical

In a statement released on his website regarding the musical, Matthew Knowles said, “I feel it’s time to give the world an opportunity to hear, see and feel the victories and failures that I’ve had as a husband, father, and manager who risked everything in pursuit of fulfilling dreams – those of mine and others.” This gives us some context as to what the musical will be about and what fans can expect to see on the screen. Matthew Knowles was the primary manager for the group Destiny’s Child throughout the majority of their career.

Nobody could have more insight into how the group got along and what living with the girls was like on a day to day basis. Matthew Knowles and his famous daughter Beyoncé have not worked together since 2011 and as of right now, it rumored that she will not be involved in producing the musical. 

History of the group

Destiny’s Child broke records as being one of the first all-black female groups to cross over into mainstream media.  The group Destiny’s Child was created in 1997 and the members included Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, and of course Beyoncé. Beyoncé is arguably the most successful out of all the group members, however, she regularly reaches out to them to join her in her performances and remains extremely close friends with both Rowland and Williams. The group parted ways in 2006 after several controversies surrounding the way they were being managed and small disputes between group members.

The musical will be produced by Matthew Knowles alongside Je’Caryous Johnson who is famous for doing musical renditions like Set It Off Live and Redemption of a Dogg which is a stage reproduction of the 1996 film produced by Warner Bros that features famous stars Queen Latifah and Vivica A. Fox.

How Destiny’s Child’s Music Inspired Fans

The impact that Destiny’s child had on their fans is undeniable and their legacy will go down in history as one of the most successful all-black female singing groups of all time. The worldwide love for the group has translated over to audiences for group members like Beyoncé who have gone on to have really successful solo careers after the group disbanded. With the musical in production and scheduled to be released soon, fans of Destiny’s Child will get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of the group’s lives and careers like never before.

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