Kyler Murray Makes History as The First Athlete to Be A First Round Pick in the NFL and MLB

It’s always a big deal when a player in any league makes the first-round draft pick, however, a new record has just been set. Kyler Murray made history back in 2018 by becoming the first athlete in history to be selected as a first-round pick for both an NFL and MLB team. In 2018, Kyler Murray was chosen as the No.9 overall pick by Oakland Athletics. The organization agreed to make a deal with Murray which would allow him to finish his season as the Oklahoma Sooners quarterback.

What It Means For Sports

For a long time, coaches and sports analysts have only thought about players in a singular manner. Meaning that you would only expect a particular player to excel in a single sport. With Murray becoming a first-round pick in both the MLB and NFL, this will definitely change sports for the future. Although Murray got chosen to play for the MLB, he opted to play football instead and currently holds a total of 54 touchdowns and 5,362 yards during his career.

Many people have noticed that president Donald Trump did not congratulate Murray on his achievements. While this may not seem like a big deal, President Trump congratulated a fellow NFL draft pick in Nick Bosa tweeting “Congratulations to Nick Bosa on being picked number two in the NFL Draft.” This has many people suspecting that the President didn’t congratulate Murray due to his race, however, when questioned about it, Murray isn’t letting the President rain on his parade.

Murray & His Decision

While Murray ultimately made the decision to play football instead of baseball, he actually lost out on millions by not pursuing an MLB contract. By declining the MLB offer, Murray lost a $4.66 Million dollars signing bonus however, he recently signed a $35 Million-dollar contact with the Arizona Cardinals so he isn’t fazed about losing out on the MLB offer. When questioned about his recent achievements, Murray stated: “I can’t put it into words, it’s a dream come true.”

Kyler Murray also won the Heisman Trophy during his college football career which ultimately led to his decision to play football instead of baseball. As the new football season begins, fans are excited to see how Murray performs on the field given the fact that he was a highly sought-after player. We’ll all be watching to see what the $35 million-dollar player has to offer to the Arizona Cardinals team.

Future for Murray

Now that Murray has secured a deal with the NFL, he is super excited to begin his new career path. In a statement released about his recent signing, Murray said the following “it’s surreal, I can’t wait to join my team and become the best to ever play this game.” His excitement is shared by Arizona Cardinals fans worldwide and this upcoming season will definitely give Murray the opportunity to prove himself and his abilities on the football field.

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