Marshawn Lynch Retiring Again From the NFL

Marshawn Lynch has been a controversial football player ever since his debut in the league. Recently, the NFL star announced his re-retirement from the NFL which many people are questioning. Back in 2016, Marshawn Lynch announced that he would be retiring from the NFL on February 7, 2016, which was the day of Super Bowl 50. The NFL star announced the retirement via Twitter and posted a picture of his football cleats hanging from a telephone pole. Fast forward three years later and Marshawn is back in the news for supposedly announcing his final “retirement” from the football league.

Will the Retirement Last This Time?

In a recent interview with TMZ, Marshawn Lynch stated that he “is not planning to play football again” which caught many football fans by surprise. The star played for the Seattle Seahawks back in 2016 when he initially announced his retirement from the NFL. Shortly after, Marshawn Lynch returned to the league to play for a successful career up until this point. Throughout his football career, Marshawn Lynch has been able to accumulate an impressive 10,379 total rushing yards.

He has also scored a total of 93 touchdowns in his career which definitely ranks him among the best to ever play the game. Lynch was playing for the Oakland Raiders as running back before the news of his sudden retirement broke. The news of his retirement perfectly corresponded to the recent 2019 NFL. Marshawn Lynch is 33yrs old which is quite old in football years so coached are looking for new talent to replace him.

Beyond Football

Outside of the football arena, Marshawn Lynch has been involved in several philanthropic efforts in his local community and others across the world. He has been infamously known for saying “What’s up African?” during his press interviews and being the center of attention no matter what room he is in. Lynch is known for regularly expressing his love for his heritage and African roots.

Marshawn’s nickname was “Beast Mode” in the NFL and we can expect to see him carry that same on-field dedication to whatever field he decides to explore next. Just last season, he was tied for the fifth spot in the AFC championships with 331 total rushing yards in only 5 weeks. 

What to Expect Next

Marshawn Lynch has accomplished so much throughout the history of his NFL career and fans won’t forget about him anytime soon.  Marshawn is by no means inactive so we’ll definitely hear from him soon.

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