Pharrell Williams Partners with Verizon For A Music Education Program

Pharrell Williams has always been known as an innovator. Recent news surfaced that Verizon is partnering up with the music legend to provide thought-leading education solutions for creative students. This past Friday, Verizon made a statement and confirmed that they’re working with Pharrell to create a forward-thinking music curriculum that incorporates technology as a key element. The new education initiative is set to launch in Verizon Innovative Learning Schools which are located all throughout the U.S.

Details About the Program

The primary goal of the education program is to provide free internet access, technology, and tech-focused learning to underprivileged middle schools throughout the country. Pharrell will also be teaming up with Verizon to build a Verizon Innovative Learning Lab which will be located in Pharrell’s hometown of Virginia Beach, VA. The lab will consist of technology like robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, and machine learning.

Pharrell has been known for incorporating technology into his various music videos and other art pieces so the education initiative is nothing new for him. In a statement about the new Verizon Innovative Learning Lab, Pharrell said “I want all children to have access to that kind of creative growth, access, and support. All kids, not just my own.” The famous music producer also went on to tell Billboard about how art impacted his life by stating “There’s a lot of variables in a situation as to why something falls apart, but there’s only one scenario where it holds together, and that’s when all the variables are there. The environment, the family, the school, the system — there’s so many things. We just want to do what we can to balance the odds so that as many kids as we can afford, or help and assist in whatever ways, get this access and support.”

Pharrell As a Leader

Pharrell has always been a leader in all of the projects and endeavors that he’s undertaken. From his innovative music making skills to his vision for the future that has always captivated audiences everywhere, Pharrell is continuing his journey in pushing the limits higher. Pharrell is also scheduled to perform at his upcoming self-produced ‘Something in the Water’ festival which will take place in his hometown of Virginia Beach on April 26th and is set to host a slew of performers including Pusha-T, SZA, Migos, Missy Elliot, and more.

Moving Education Forward

With different forms of technology advancing at such rapid rates, various industries across the world are beginning to embrace the positive aspects of automation. Under-financed school systems and students typically have less of a chance to learn about cutting-edge technology. The new partnership between Pharrell and Verizon is a great step in a positive direction for bringing new opportunities and educational resources into communities that would otherwise not have them.

While we wait for more detailed information about the education initiative to be released, the efforts are surely going to prove effective with powerhouses like Pharrell and Verizon backing it.


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