Aladdin’ Movie Projected to Make Over $80 million in Opening Weekend

The long-anticipated revamped Aladdin movie is set to premiere on Memorial Day weekend and projections for the film are already showing very promising box office numbers. The new Aladdin film hosts an array of new and well-known actors most notably Will Smith who is playing the famous role of the Genie in the upcoming title. Disney has been on a roll over the past few years putting out new releases virtually every month, and Aladdin is expected to be another classic with an estimated earning potential of $80 million on its opening weekend.

Box-office hit

The film is officially set to be released on May 24th and according to early box office analysts, the film is projected to make at least $100 million the Monday following its release. With those type of projected box office sales, Aladdin will join the ranks of other high-grossing Disney films including “Jungle Book” which grossed $103 million at launch and “Beauty and The Beast” which earned $174 million during its premiere.

Disney is still finalizing all of the film edits and promotional content for the film so those projected premiere sales could change between now and release. Aladdin is the 2nd release of 3 total Disney remakes that are expected to be released this year. Guy Ritchie is the director for the new Aladdin and he plans to base the story off of the 1992 classic animated film. In addition to Smith, the film will star celebrities including Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, and Marwan Kenzari.

The movie’s biggest star, Will Smith has been on a roll lately after just performing with his son and daughter at the 2019 Coachella music festival and announcing having wrapped production on the highly-anticipated third installment in the classic Bad Boys franchise, Bad Boys For Life. Smith is also set to star in Overbrook Entertainment’s Gemini Man which will be in theaters in October.

Disney Releases

Tim Burton’s newest Dumbo release hit theaters this past March and only managed to rake in $107 million in the U.S. and $221 million worldwide. Aladdin will be releasing on the same day as a lot of competing for films such as Sony’s Brightburn project and alongside Booksmart which is a comedy featuring Olivia Wilde. 

Aladdin is Disney’s latest effort to refresh all of our favorite classic movies and TV shows. The movie is set to hit theaters everywhere on May 24th so if you’re waiting to see the film make sure you check local showing times and availability with movie theaters nearest your location.

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