Eminem and Logic Release New Track ‘Homicide’

Eminem and Logic Release New Track ‘Homicide’

Fellow rappers Eminem and Logic have just released a collaboration track titled “Homicide” and everyone is talking about it. The collaboration marks the first time that the two have ever been a track together which is what drew so much attention to the new release. Both rappers use clever wordplay and melodies throughout the song that are reminiscent of battle rapping which is something that both MCs are known for. Eminem keeps up with Logic on the track effortlessly and proves that regardless of his age, he is still worthy of his OG status.

What the Two Rappers Share

The collaboration between Logic and Eminem has garnered a lot of attention largely due to statement and critics about each MCs rapping capabilities. Justin Bieber even stated in an interview recently that Eminem “doesn’t understand new rap music.” Logic has also faced similar criticism with various rappers and artists who have come out in the past in an attempt to discredit his true abilities.

‘Homicide’ is the 3rd single from Logic’s upcoming studio album “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.” Throughout the song, Logic takes aim at all of his previous and current rivals in a series of powerful bars. “I’m foamin’ out the mouth, ain’t nobody takin’ me out / Every single rapper in the industry, yeah, they know what I’m about / And I dare you to test me / ‘Cause not a single one of you impress me / And maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration / But I’m full of innovation / And I’m tired of all of this high school ‘he’s cool, he’s not’ rap/ Can a single one of you even rap?”

The Music Behind The Madness

Both Eminem and Logic have fanbases that consider them to be sort of anomalies in the music industry due to their more classical style of rapping. This makes the two a perfect combination for virtually any collaboration which makes it hard to believe that ‘Homicide” was the first time the two have gotten together on a song. Eminem also had some strong words for fellow industry artists who don’t put the same amount of effort that he feels he does in his music by stating in the song, “Jig is up, you who didn’t write anything” and “I don’t want to listen to you spit your raps someone else wrote.”

What to Expect

Logic and Eminem share a lot of similarities in terms of their style of music and how they feel about the current state of music. Being that ‘Homicide’ was the first time that the two have worked together, many fans are excited to see if the two plan on doing another collaboration anytime soon. As Logic prepares to release his new album and Eminem is just coming off of his surprise 2018 ‘Kamikaze’ album release, these two hip-hop heavyweights are keeping it moving and defying the critics and we are here for it.

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