Tiger Woods Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

Tiger Woods is arguably the most recognized professional golf player in the last 10yrs with 81 PGA Tour wins, only trailing behind Sam Snead by a single win. At the most recent Masters competition, Tiger took home the grand prize which led to him being tapped to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom honor. This past Monday, Tiger Woods went to the White House to meet with the President in order to receive his award. The event was broadcasted and while some people were excited, others were not.

Details About the Ceremony

During the award ceremony held in the rose garden of the White House, Tiger Woods received the nation’s highest civilian honor and got praised by the President who called him a “true legend.” The President also went on to commend Tiger Woods for returning to the sport of golf that he loves so much even after recovering from a very serious injury. Tiger Woods is the fourth professional golf player in history to ever receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom honor and is also the youngest. The President also made a point to list all of Tiger’s victories stating, “This evening, we are in the presence of a true legend, an extraordinary athlete who has transformed golf and achieved new levels of dominance,” Trump said during the presentation. “He’s also a great person. He’s a great guy.”

Woods was largely known for dominating his competition early on in his career, however, his most recent Masters tournament win was his first major win in over 11yrs. Tiger Woods is easily one of the most decorated athletes in the world which is why return to greatness with this most recent win fueled the nostalgic excitement of the entire moment.

Not All Roses

Critics weighed in on the President’s decision to award Tiger Woods with the nation’s highest honor with some feeling that the award being given to Woods takes away some of the honor’s prestige. NBC Nightly News anchor Kristen Welker expressed her opinion on the award ceremony and expressed that she felt that the award could’ve gone to somebody who didn’t still have a “flourishing career” since it is supposed to be a lifetime achievement award. Washington Post writer Eugene Robinson also had a few words to share in regard to why he feels like the award is less prestigious now. When speaking about the ceremony, Robinson said about the President, “He gives this award, which was a hallow award, maybe someday it will be one again, to people he wants to associate himself with. And so, he likes golf.” Despite the views of the critics, Woods is enjoying his return to the top of his game.

Tiger Woods is a truly gifted golf player that still has a lot to offer the game, we can expect to see him back out on the green very soon. With Woods seemingly back on top of his game, let’s hope that he’ll be able to focus on his love for golf and avoid controversy. 

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