Ariana Grande Is the New Face of Givenchy

After just coming off of her groundbreaking

Coachella 2019 festival performance, Ariana Grande continues to level up the superstar ladder in huge ways. Recently, it was just announced that the successful pop star is the face of the classic French fashion house Givenchy. Givenchy rolled out test advertisements for their new campaign with Ariana Grande on Instagram this past week with teasers of black and white videos. The videos consisted of side portraits of Ariana standing in front of a white background with her hair flowing behind her.


On a semi-cryptic Instagram post, Givenchy captioned the video: “CAPTION THIS. THE NEW FACE OF GIVENCHY, REVEALED TOMORROW. #GIVENCHYFAMILY.”  Those choice words let everyone know that big news was coming. Later, Ariana Grande confirmed the partnership by posting a photo to her Instagram feed captioned, “I don’t have words to describe how much this partnership means to me. such an incredible honor and with a brand I love sooooo much. thank you from the bottom of my heart and I’m so excited for all things ahead….. 🖤 #arivenchy@givenchyofficial #givenchyfamily

Givenchy is known as an uber sophisticated luxury brand and its slick #Arivenchy marketing tricks prove that the company is sticking to its roots. The fashion house made a point to focus in on Ariana’s neck tattoo during the teaser for the partnership because it says “mille tendresses” in French which translates to “a thousand tendernesses” in English. The line is from the iconic film titled “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” which ironically stars the legendary Aubrey Hepburn who was also a former Givenchy model.

What It Means for Arian’s Career

Ariana’s new partnership with Givenchy is going to add a whole new dimension to her career as the partnership and the brand’s cosign exposes her to serious fashion enthusiasts that may not typically be into the pop/R&B music she is known for. Also with many people still viewing Grande as an “innocent young little girl”, partly due to her smaller stature, the Givenchy campaign will finally give Ariana the opportunity to present a more mature side of herself to the world and maybe even an older audience.

Ariana Grande is scheduled to front Givenchy’s 2019 autumn/winter collection which is set to premiere in July. With Ariana being just 25yrs old, she presents the perfect balance between youth and maturity that the brand has been able to elegantly maintain since its inception. In a statement posted on the official Givenchy website, the company said the following about their upcoming partnership with Ariana Grande “ It is with great excitement that the House of Givenchy reveals its new face a strong, independent woman of refreshing character and style: the multi-talented Ariana Grande.”

Grande has expressed how excited and proud she is to have the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for Givenchy. With the new autumn/winter collection expected to be released soon, we can expect to see some jaw-dropping runway shows and performances from the pop star coming up really soon. Ariana also stated the following about the new partnership “It is a House I have forever admired and to now be part of that family is such an honor.”

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