Beyoncé Makes $300 Million From Uber Investments

Beyoncé is back in the headlines again, this

time for her outstanding ability to select lucrative investments. It was recently reported that Beyoncé made an approximate $300 million-dollar profit from her early investments in the very popular ride-sharing platform Uber. Deirdre Bosa, a reporter from CNBC, said the following about other celebs who also invested in early during its early stages, “A lot of the people you are talking about, Lance Armstrong, Jay-Z, Jeff Bezos, even Jeff Schmidt of Google, they got in early through word of mouth really.”

How She Did It

Beyoncé has been known throughout her career for being an artist that transcends music, expanding her reach into other ventures including fashion, technology, and health. Beyoncé made investments in Uber before it’s stock went public which just happened this past Friday so she is expecting a huge payout.

According to sources from Inside Edition, Beyoncé performed at a private Uber event and she requested to be paid in stocks instead of liquid cash. That means that she walked away with $6 million dollars in Uber stock for a single performance which will only increase the profits she makes from her investments in the company.

In addition to her megastar music career, Beyoncé invests large sums of money into promising ventures and Uber isn’t the only company that Beyoncé is invested in. She is a very knowledgeable investor with her stakes spread across a variety of promising businesses and companies. Her longtime husband and fellow musician Jay-Z also invested in the popular ride-sharing app Uber back in 2011 so the couple is basking in their glory together. Knowles has also mastered the art of the deal. It was announced last month that she flipped a $4 million Coachella performance fee into a $60 million content deal with Netflix, as well as a deal with Spotify who exclusively streams her live “Homecoming” album.

 Recently, the singer has been rumored to be assisting her husband Jay-Z in his prison reform efforts in addition to his college assistance program for students that want to attend Historically Black Universities.  With everything that she’s done so far, it’s hard to tell what is left for the widely successful entertainment and business mogul to accomplish.

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