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Facebook Advertising vs Boosted Posts

A Guide on How to Run Facebook Ads

Facebook is an extremely powerful social media platform that gives you the ability to market, advertise, and sell a wide range of products. One of the primary benefits to using Facebook for your online marketing and advertising needs is that it offers several different ways for you to generate interaction with your brand or services.

Two of the primary ways that people and businesses all over the world utilize Facebook for marketing purposes is by creating boosted posts and running paid Facebook ads. If you’re someone that is new to the world of digital marketing and are interested in learning how to make money posting ads on Facebook, you’ve come to the right place.

How to run Facebook ads for clients

One of the best ways to figure out how to get paid on Facebook is by running ads for clients. You can gain a large client base by advertising your services directly to them via email or messaging, you can also sign up for talent scout platforms which will allow you to present your services to a broad pool of business who are currently looking for people with your skills.

Some of the primary benefits of running Facebook ads for clients includes:

  • Little to not operational or start-up cost
  • Lucrative revenue
  • Long-lasting source of income with proven results
  • Limited barrier to entry/ easy learning curve

if you’re trying to learn how to advertise on Facebook for free, you can use specific tags, post in niche groups, and engage with the community to get your posts ranked higher in people’s new feeds. While the amount of organic engagement that you can get on Facebook through free advertising can be adequate at some moments, nothing beats the paid boost that your posts and content receives when using Facebook ads.

How to sell things on Facebook

Another way to make money using the Facebook platform is by posting items to sell in the marketplace. The marketplace section on the Facebook platform gives you the ability to list used items or new items for sale so that you can be immediately connected to individuals in your surrounding location.

Similar to craigslist but with a little more trust and verification required, Facebook marketplace can be a very lucrative way for you to bring in a steady source of income. There are no limits to what you can sell on Facebook marketplace given that it doesn’t violate any health standards or decency clauses.

How to get paid on Facebook

As you can see, there are several different ways for you to get paid on Facebook that don’t require any money at all to get started. If you’re someone who is looking for a second source of income or are trying to utilize Facebook as a way to make a main source of income, boosted posts and Facebook ads are two great tools at your disposal. Use all of the information and tips that we’ve included in this article so that you can begin seeing a profit from your Facebook marketing efforts.


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