Twitter Is Testing New “Audio Tweet” Feature

Twitter is one of the major social media platforms available as everyone from musicians, politicians, athletes, and more use it to communicate and stay on top of what’s going on in the world. Where twitter differs from other large social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram is that Twitter revolves solely around written content, whereas other social media platforms revolve primarily around media content. 

This is one of the significant aspects of the platform that has made it vastly different from other social media outlets. However, the company recently announced that they would be testing out a new feature very soon known as an “Audio Tweet.” 

In a blog post, the company’s Employees, by the name of Remy Bourgoin and Maya Patterson, explained the new feature in detail. 

How it works 

In the blog post, the two employees explained the new feature in the following statement: “Each voice tweet captures up to 140 seconds of audio. Have more to say? Keep talking, once you reach the limit for a voice tweet, another voice tweet will automatically be created, and a new thread will start.”

To start a new voice tweet, you will need to click on the waveform icon in your Tweet creation space on the app. Start talking after clicking on the red record button; you can only create an audio tweet if it is original; audio tweets are not available for retweets or replies. If someone you follow creates an audio tweet, you can listen to it while scrolling through your timeline by simply clicking on it. 

One cool aspect of this new audio tweet feature is that the tweets will continue to play in the background even if you switch to another app. When someone listens to your audio tweet, your profile will be displayed next to it so that people know exactly who wrote it and where it came from. 

What To Expect 

Twitter is also making moves to ensure that people who are deaf or have other hearing impairments will be able to access and interact with audio tweets. This new feature will add some much-needed diversity to the Twitter platform overall, and many people who have been asking the company to make improvements on its user interface are sure to be fans of this new feature. 

While the company has not made any announcements as to when this new feature will be rolled out, you can expect to see it rolled out in the next update to come out of the app. This new audio tweet feature is likely to be very popular with people who are tired of dealing with the mundane nature of only being able to type text instead of other interactive elements like many social media platforms offer. 


With all of the information provided about the new feature that we do have, it sounds like a lot of people will be using it as opposed to the standard written tweet function. 


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