5 Lifestyle Trends of 2020 You Need To Be Aware

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Lifestyle trends are always evolving and moving forward, whether it’s the way we eat, consume music, or interact with each other, there are always new innovations on the horizon. Pinterest is one of the few social media sites that puts an emphasis on lifestyle, creativity, and discovery more so than direct interaction. 

Pinterest releases an annual report on emerging lifestyle trends each year called the Pinterest 100. In this report, you can look at all of the hottest trends that are coming up for the new year related to family, travel, style, home, beauty, and food. 

For the first time in the platform’s history, Pinterest organized all of this year’s international trends into 10 distinctive categories. Each of these categories puts a light on certain areas of life that we as humans are beginning to learn how to handle in a much more efficient manner. 

What it means 

While the Pinterest 100 list contains 100 different lifestyle trends and ideas, we’ve condensed them into our top 4. Below, we’re going to provide you with a detailed look at all of our favorite lifestyle trends for 2020 and beyond. 

Balancing Your Lifestyle 

Wellness goes far beyond momentary massages or situations that make us feel relaxed for a specified amount of time. In 2020, people are starting to focus more on comprehensive wellness such as implementing things in their life that help relieve anxiety and stress. 

Conscious Consumption 

Environmental safety and health is becoming increasingly popular in 2020, many people are beginning to take notice of how many products they consume and the type of ingredients used in the products they consumed. People are also paying attention to the amount of waste they put into the atmosphere, this is known as low-waste living. A great way to cut down on waste production is by using reusable materials like glass instead of plastic. 

Home Hubs 

Advancements in technology have made it easy for people to make their home’s their main base of operation. That means that you can now enjoy home cinema, entertainment, and office productivity without ever leaving your home. 

International Inspiration 

Inspiration in the age of technology spreads faster than ever before, this is good news for those seeking creative inspiration from different cultures and places around the world. A lot of artists are sharing their cultural traditions and stories from across the globe via the internet, making it easier than ever before to come up with exciting ideas for various projects and other sorts of creative endeavors. 

All of these trends were complied by Pinterest using a special formula in which they compare global search volumes Aug. 2017-Jul. 2018 to Aug. 2018-Jul. 2019. With this data, Pinterest was able to identify 100 trends that have shown consistent growth and search volume increases. 

What to expect 

The trends we mentioned above are only out top 4, the entire 2020 Pinterest top 100 Lifestyle Trends list is available on their official website. If you’re looking for ways to improve the quality of life you experience, check out the list now! 


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