GOALS TV was created by entertainment industry veteran Aubrey L. Flynn, founder of GOALS Ventures LLC. Flynn founded the organization after 15 years of working with Fortune 500 brands and Forbes’ greatest business minds. The organization’s purpose is to empower a generation of young people to get over all limits successfully with content, commerce and community. Our mission is to motivate, inspire and encourage underserved youth worldwide with the stories that are relevant and pertinent to their lifestyle. We share videos, polls, quizzes, lists and more to engage discussion and spark conversation with the aim of fostering healthy dialogue with our audience.


We partner with content creators publishing nearly 50 videos per day in multiple languages. In addition, we collaborate with journalists worldwide to provide unique articles covering trending topics in the areas of music, sports, entertainment, business, women empowerment and more. GOALS TV also supports user-generated content from community members.


GOALS TV is dedicated to providing underserved communities worldwide with a platform for their voices to be heard. Members of our global community can upload and share content on the platform. We encourage participation and aspire to be the hub for new creative minds to connect and inspire one another.


GOALS TV has a direct relationship with The GOALS Store, another GOALS Ventures LLC brand. The GOALS Store offers premium goods to help motivate and inspire young people globally to actively pursue their passions. In addition to learning more about lifestyle hacks and trending topics in culture, our members can peruse our store to immerse themselves in inspirational, motivational apparel for men, women, kids, home and office.

Giving Back

GOALS TV is committed to helping young people succeed. As a result, the organization is aligned with SkysTheLimit.org. GOALS TV supports the non-profit organization in helping connect entrepreneurs with mentors that can help them build their business. For more information on Sky’s The Limit, visit SkysTheLimit.org.