EA Play Goes Live On Steam With Some Of The Most Popular Titles Including Dragon Age

EA Play is officially available on the Steam platform and you can sign up by visiting the official Steam website. The EA Play subscription costs $4.99/mo. or $29.99/year depending on what plan you sign-up for. Once you pay the subscription fee, you’ll have access to all of your favorite EA games. If you’re someone who used to subscribe to EA Access, you’ll be glad to find out that EA Play is the exact same service with a new name. 

In addition to playing various EA titles on Steam itself, EA Play gives users access to member’s only benefits and tons of exclusive content. Some of these unique features include: early access to upcoming titles for 10 hours max and 10% off all digital EA purchases. 

You’ll also get 10% off exclusive DLC content when becoming a member of EA Play. Continue reading to find out about all of the great features you’ll have access to as a EA Play subscriber. 

What it means 

The EA Play platform already hosts a wide array of exciting titles for you to begin playing. Some of the most popular titles available on the platform include: The Sims 4, Battlefield 5, Crysis, Titanfall 2, Battlefront 2, and more. One interesting feature of EA play, is that when you use the earl-access feature, all of your progress will be transferred to the full game release when available. 

This is due to the fact that EA Play does not offer demos, instead, you’ll be playing pre-determined timed sections of the full release. One downside to EA Play is that a new subscription is required for each device you use. If you currently have an EA Play subscription for the Xbox One platform, you’ll have to create a new account to access EA Play on Steam. 

As a EA Play member, you will be able to purchase full-length games at discounted prices. The subscription price of EA Play is well worth the money when you consider all of the features you’ll gain access to. EA Play also hosts titles such as the Mass Effect series and the Dragon Age series. 

There are a lot of other classic EA titles available on the Play platform, you can take the time to search the entire library to find the exact game you want to play. Think of it this way, instead of having to pay for each title you’re interested in playing to test them out, you can pay a monthly or yearly fee and have unlimited access to them. 

What to expect 

With the recent announcements of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles, EA is definitely busy working on a lot of new releases for these platforms. So, it makes sense to bring EA Play to the Steam platform so most players who are interested in the features it has to offer are primarily PC gamers. 

The amount of money you save on games by signing up for EA Play in addition to the vast amount of legacy and newly released titles available makes it a great deal. 

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