Ford Motors Recalls Over 700k Cars Due to Faulty Rear Cameras

In North America, more than 700,000 vehicles have been recalled by auto-manufacturing giant Ford due to backup cameras going dark and showing distorted images. 

Ford’s 2020 F-Series, the top-selling trucks in the United States, was among the models recalled along with the 2020 Mustang, Expedition, Ranger, Explorer, Transit, Escape, and Edge. Lincoln’s Corsair and Nautilus were also recalled.

What to Do

Ford owners with vehicles that were recalled will receive information from the manufacturer. Owners will be able to take their vehicle to a local Ford dealership or to the dealership where it was purchased for repairs. 

In documents produced by the U.S. government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the company claimed that the issue was caused by a poor electrical connection. Ford also stated that there were no injuries or crashes that have been related to the problem. 

Ford’s History of Controversial Recalls

Ford has been the vehicle manufacturer with the one of the most recalled vehicles in history. They have had 136 recalls on the F-150 and 98 recalls on the F-250. 

In the 1970s, Ford vehicles endured issues with automatic transmissions that could not shift from park to reverse. Though never addressed by the manufacturer, Ford would have had the largest recall in vehicle history for 21 million vehicles. The problem occurred when cars/trucks were in park and would slip into reverse. However, instead of a recall, the company sent warning labels to Ford owners instead.

Between 1996 and 2009, Ford suffered a major financial loss when it had to recall SUVs, trucks, and cars manufactured between 1991 and 2004. 14.9 million vehicles were recalled due to defective cruise control switches that could short circuit and cause fires. Thereafter, Ford severed its relationship with Texas Instruments who had been producing cruise control on its vehicles for years. 

However, the most controversial recall from Ford occurred with the 1971-1976 Pinto. Production was halted due to an issue with the lack of reinforcement between the fuel tank and bolts in the rear.  It was discovered that cars could explode and/or catch fire if another car rear ended them going as slow as 20 mph. It was not until Ford was sued by regulators in Washington D.C. that they actually recalled Pintos.  

With so much controversy, Ford will need to put in extra hours to ensure that their  vehicles meet safety standards moving forward. 

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