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How to respond to positive reviews

A good or bad business reputation can mean the difference between a business thriving and expanding, or closing their (online) doors for good. You’ve already learned the subtle art of responding to negative reviews. But what should you do with positive reviews? If customers already like your company, is it even worth responding? Yes. Always!

In the digital age, a business’s reputation is controlled by consumers using online review platforms such as Yelp, Google Reviews and Facebook to announce the quality of your business. The good news is that this lets businesses better monitor and manage their online reputation, a power they can put to good use by responding in a timely manner to reviews they receive.

While negative reviews often get the most attention, positive reviews are just as important! Why? Because that means a customer thought enough of your company to want other potential customers to do business with you, too. Additionally, that onetime customer could become a repeat customer. There’s a reason some business professionals still insist on mailing “thank you” cards and marketing paraphernalia. Customers remember those who remember them.

With 87 percent  of consumers reading reviews online, businesses can’t afford to sit on the sidelines. In addition to thanking happy customers, 70 percent of users are more likely to work with a business that responds to its complainers. Overall, consumers just want to know that the business cares. An added perk is a business responding to online reviews also shows how tech savvy it is.

How to Respond to Positive Reviews

It’s simple. Thank the customer, name drop, promote and give a customer the inside scoop!

  1. Say thank you and be specific.More often than not, compliments in person get a response. But instead of just copying and pasting, “You’re welcome, come back again,” personalize it. Reiterate your customer’s compliment. This lets the customer know that a real person took time out of their day to acknowledge what people, products or experience stood out.
  2. Use the business name and keywordsRefer to your business name, location and industry in your response. While it may seem like overkill if you’re already on your business listing, it helps to index business reviews for future search queries.
  3. Market new productsIs your business famous for advertising or a catered dish? Are you having a promotion next month? A review response is a great place to get the word out about similar products and/or events that you think the customer would also like.
  4. Give your customer a new adventureAfter you’e marketed this new product or event, invite them to try something different the next time they visit. Even better, bring a friend. Even if they choose not to, another potential customer who is browsing through your responses may want to take advantage of it.

While ads, banners, product placement and paid search results can help get the word out about your business, do not forget to market to your customers anywhere you can. Reviews aren’t just a place to share opinions. They’re also a place to market your business, too.


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