Instagram Lite makes your phone storage lighter

Photo credit: Dominik Dancs/Unsplash

If you’re tired of the notifications on your phone warning you of “Storage space running out,” you may be able to clear some app space out by replacing Instagram with Instagram Lite. Released around the globe on Wed., March 10, in 170 countries, Instagram Lite has more than 87K reviews and a 3.9-star average so far.

In addition to relieving storage constraints, the Instagram Lite app is intended for those with limited data and/or a poor Internet connection. Unlike Instagram’s more popular app that takes up 30 MB, Instagram Lite only takes up 2 MB.

Expect a few drawbacks though, mainly that animation and graphics are nonexistent, and there is no dark mode. Preloading IGTV and toggling between multiple accounts are not an option. There are also no photo collection options or ways to sort personal and general messages. From a business standpoint, the latter app not having an advertisement function may make it less lucrative but also be a perk to those who would rather just hear from their own social circle.

On the upside, users can add photos and videos to their Stories, which disappear after 24 hours, along with direct messaging friends, and browsing photos and videos on your profile feed. It may not provide all the bells and whistles that the traditional app does, but if it did, it wouldn’t be a “lighter” version anyway.

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