Kanye West Looking To Replace TikTok with app “JesusTok”

Kanye West recently tweeted last week that he is interested in releasing a child-friendly alternative to the widely popular video sharing app ‘TikTok.” In the Tweet, Kanye West stated that “A vision came to me…. Jesus Tok.” Kanye West has proclaimed himself a christian dad who loves his family. According to Kanye, the idea for Jesus Tok came after watching TikTok videos with his daughter. 

Kanye went on to state that while the technology behind TikTok is impressive, he said that he was “disturbed by a lot of the content.” Kanye West isn’t the only parent who has had less than pleasant things to say about the popular video sharing app. 

What it means 

After his initial Tweets, Kanye west made a proposition in which he promises to “collaborate with TikTok to make a Christian monitored version that feels safe for young children and the world in Jesus’ name.” This comes on the heels of Kanye’s dramatic christian makeover that has seen him go on a nationwide gospel concert visiting churches all across the U.S. 

While Kanye’s intentions may be pure, many people online have contradictory reactions to his TikTok conversion effort. Most of the backlash targeted at Kanye over this news is because it feels hypocritical, with raunchy hits like “I Love It” ft. Lil Pump being only 2 years old, a lot of people find Kanye’s new “holier than though” person to be disingenuous. 

Official TikTok representatives have not released a response to Kanye’s proposal however nothing is impossible. With Microsoft in the process of making TikTok completely U.S. based, they have a lot on their plate to deal with already. Kanye has been at the center of controversy recently for various reasons. 

In July, Kanye surprised everyone when he announced his presidential bid. Fast forward to August, and Kanye West is facing federal charges of voter fraud related to the Wyoming ballot he submitted as part of his campaign for president. That’s not all, at a rally just a few months ago, Kanye broke down crying on state when recalling traumatic events that have occurred in his life. 

The speech was so over the top that rumors of divorce began to swirl as it was reported that Kim Kardashian wanted to leave him. Kanye West has had many mental episodes and breakdowns in the past which has many questioning his mental stability with all of the recent events he’s been involved in. 

What to expect 

Kanye West has even teased some new releases in his very popular Yeezy line of shoes which received mixed reviews online. Regardless of what you think of him, one thing is for sure, Kanye West is always working. While there have been no official plans or announcements surrounding West’s idea to transform TikTok into a christian friendly  platform, only time will tell what comes of the idea. 

TikTok is still in the process of transferring all of it’s Chinese code over to the U.S. so that the app can still remain available to US users. We’re excited to see what Kanye West has planned next as he never disappoints. 


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