Netflix Beta Testing New “Shuffle” Control Feature

 Netflix is testing a new feature that allows its users to get customized title picks based on their previously watched shows or movies. The official name of the new feature is “Shuffle Play”. 

The entire motive behind this new feature is to encourage Netflix users to view more content and titles without all of the manual leg work involved. At the moment, you can use only the “Shuffle Play” feature if you’re connected to the Netflix platform via smart tv. 

How it works 

An official Netflix representative released a statement about the new feature in which they said the following: “The purpose of the test is to make it easier for members to find something to watch, the hope is to absolutely productize something.” When you use the “Shuffle Play” feature, movies or TV shows similar to the ones you’ve already watched will begin playing. 

The feature will also serve up titles in your “My List” section or titles in your favorite genres. The feature is currently available worldwide in a beta phase for all users who have a compatible device. If you’re interested in using the feature, you need to be aware that it has three primary locations. 

The “Shuffle Play” button will be located in one of the three following places on your app: underneath the profile section in the startup screen, on the “billboard” section of a user’s home profile, and on the TV menu sidebar. This feature isn’t entirely new for Netflix as the company test a similar feature in 2019 known as “random episode button” which was available on select Android devices. 

“Shuffle Play” is yet another addition to Netflix ever evolving content discovery tools, which are designed to help users find content relatable to them without much effort involved. Features like bing able to disable auto-play of previews and various other implementations have all 

worked together to make the Netflix platform more engaging and user-friendly for everyone. 

While there is no official word as to when the new “Shuffle Play” feature will be released to all devices and platforms, we can only assume that it won’t be long after the beta phase completes successfully. 

What to expect 

If you’re an avid Netflix watcher or subscriber, this new should make you excited as now you no longer have to search the content selections for minutes on end just to find something that may interest you. By using the “Shuffle Play” feature, you will be able to skip straight to all of the content that is most suited for you without a hassle. 


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